Sunday, December 17, 2006

Edited "FYI"

I was going to post a Kyle-esque tirade, with a multitude of profanities, but I decided against it.

Basically, you all suck.

And that's alls I've got to say.


Okay, I'm back at my apartment, and I've gotta say, all that hubub earlier in the day, definitely attributable to the home stress. It's like, since I've been gone, the home stress seems incredibly magnified. Plus I've been staying home for far too long; am really looking forward to not having to go back home all week...

Oh, and as another note, I find it kind of amusing how my "kyle-esque tirade" eventually settled onto a little Gautam-esque quip. Heheh.

And now it's time to study. I mean, it's like 18 hrs until my final, and as per the usual, I haven't studied for it yet either. Heheh. But yeah, next semester, I can actually see myself being a little more stringent. I've just gotta utilize my planner a little more, organize my work like I've done in the past, and have not done for quite some time.

But I feel a rant coming on, so, until I get fed up w/ studying, I bid thee adieu...x? Is there an x? As in, Lemieux? Heheh, nevermind...


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