Monday, December 11, 2006

Old Philosophy

I used to live by a certain philosophy, figured it out through experience way back in elementary school.

Through lots of little events, like wondering if I should drink milk from the jug, and wondering and wondering, then finally doing it and getting caught. Or the time when I was super hungry, and wanted to eat so badly, but I had to wait for my parents to come home w/ bought food, and I waited and waited, and finally I couldn't wait any longer and opened a can of zoodles, just as they pulled into the driveway. And there's many more examples that escape me at the moment.

So yeah. From this plethora of events, I realized that all would've been alright had I just decided to go with my gut from the beginning, follow my instinct and what not. Basically, I figured out a philosophy to live by:

"Never Hesitate"

And for like a good number of years, I was like that. Whenever I realized I was taking too long deciding something, I just thought "screw it, never hesitate!" and went with my gut. I never hesitated about anything back then. Because of this, I always did things relatively quickly. Like, for example, when I was all "should I start this now? Or maybe I should wait... what to doooooOHHH, right, never hesitate! I'm gonna do it now!" That was such an easy philosophy to follow...

And now I'm the biggest procrastinator I've ever known.

I mean, seriously guys, what the hell happened to me...

And yeah, I just finished my marketing exam. I didn't start studying until quarter past 4am this morning. And it's not like I really studied much either. Plus I only got two hours of stage one not-technically-sleeping-but-your-mind-plays-tricks-on-you sleep. I don't know why I always find a way to stay up in Richmond...

But yeah, here's to hoping I'll find my old philosophy again. Never hesitate, indeed.

Now time to study... errr, no, sleep would probably be more prudent...

But first, an oldschool flash animation... although, I guess it might be considered nsfw... heheh...

Hey Jim. a.k.a. the x-ray girl song.

MAN, it took me forever to find that thing... it's just so, so, WEIRD... and awesome... man, I kinda miss looking those vids again, compfused and newgrounds etc... youtube took over I guess, heheh... and I seem to be in the beginnings of rambling, sooo... enough of this.

Ohh, post thirteen! Twelve left! Already gone through half! Man, and there's like 3 weeks to go... That's like, 4 posts a week... that ain't half bad...


Anonymous MC said...

Ive come to the conclusion that procrastination isnt hesitation per se
its just that if you dont see the benifit in doing said work
it just gets shelved for more important matters
the importance of procrastinated work and the will to do it increases in an inverse squared relationship as time drags on and the deadline nears
but sometimes, it is still not enough to overcome the worth that is seen in more important matters

7:09 p.m.  
Blogger Spangie said...


when: Saturday, December 16th, 2006
where: Cronos Pizza LTD.
time: 7:00pm

8:14 p.m.  
Blogger bj_nitsuj said...

Mark - Perhaps... apparently, then, I consider sitting on my ass and watching my dvd of undergrads to be worth more than studying for my 60% final of arguably my hardest course. Heh.

Angela - Sorry, already have plans, after-concert wrap-up dinner w/ Mr. Chan and co.

1:28 a.m.  
Anonymous MC said...

In a way, it is.
watching undergrads provides immediate gratification and fulfilment, making you happier
but as the date of the final draws closer, you will be 'happier' studying for it in hopes of being happier at some point in the future
but if the course is important only because of what course planning tells you and not what you believe, it is a lot harder to get said ass off couch
there is always a feeling of unfulfillment or guilt, I think, due to the fact that you have to study for the course; its hard, and its worth is questionable
and assuaging that guilt comes about by filling it with all kinds of other activity; ie; procrastination
IMHO anyway
I did the same thing for me econ final

10:00 a.m.  

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