Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another Nice Day

Woke up after an awesomely refreshing dream, which I cannot seem to remember. Actually, woke up at 10:30 after sleeping at five and felt refreshed, but realized I wanted more than 5 hrs of sleep, so I slept again 'til noon. Heheh.

Then, I had pancake breakfast my mom made. With scrambled-like eggs (i.e., not completely scrambled, but all mixed up and stuff... hard to describe, lol...). And also with veggie bacon, which was surprisingly delicious, if a little dry ( I mean, is it really bacon w/o the buckets of fat?).

Then, after an hour or two of digestion, off to Lemongrass on westminster w/ kris, clinton, rob, devon, and me. Best pho, EVER!

Then, went to Netaholics. Played some more Warcraft III. I shall someday own that game, thus nullifying the need to go to an internet cafe place to play LAN with everyone. Oh, Scott met up w/ us, and Clinton had to go. Yup.

Then, went to bubble tea (Devon had to go), delicious Ovaltine once again. From that "cheapo" place at garden city. Quite nice.

Then we went our separate ways. All in all, it was only like five or six hours, but yeah it was quite nice. Way better than wasting it away like I ended up doing a few months ago. Last summer of the rest of my life, apparently. Heheh. Didn't use it to my fullest...

But no matter. There's still a few more weeks to goo... go... not goo... that reminds me of slimer, lol... and now I'm rambling...

Until next time, I guess...


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