Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fireworks! BBQ! Awesomeness!

Today was good, but it's 3am and I'm super tired, so hopefully just a quick rundown.

Church - Late, still drummed, saw people, was nice.

Driving/Parking - Drove around looking for parking. First planetarium, but that was closing at 5, so drove around sidestreets of beach area, found nothing, went back and talked to the guy at planetarium parking, said to go to Vancouver Music Academy or something like that, and I parked there, even with "violators will be towed" signs. Heheh, I'm a rebel.

Winnebago - Walked a bit at vanier park first, saw awesome kiting, then ate lunch at Joey/Esther's (parents) winnebago. Yummy, and hanging out w/ the kids. Also saw Clinton wandering outside. Then Kris and Scott came, and we went out

Lounging/bbq - Spent most of the day lounging around, guitar, disc/frisbee, then barbecue, which was actually just (DELICIOUS) veggie burgers and hotdogs. Fun with everyone there. Lots of awesome.

Fireworks! - Fireworks were pretty. Seemed SUPER short though, especially after staying for the entire day there at Vanier park. Heheh.

Drive Home - Waited like an hour for traffic to die down, hung out around winnebago and car w/ kris scott yvon shaylene kirsten. Then walked back to car. Man, stupid roads were crazy packed, took forever to get back to cornwall, then forever down 4th (didn't wanna bother with burrard, but 4th = horrible decision...), ridiculous hills on oak north of 12th, plus oak was super busy (a stall on 63rd, I think...), and took forever to realize accident 'cause listening to the zone with it's crazy playing-every-song-on-their-playlist-alphabetically weekend. But ended up down heather to 70th, then home. Man, was so tired then, took 2 hrs to get home...

And that's my awesome Saturday! In a very large nutshell. But rest assured, it was truly, truly awesome day.

Man, I really don't feel like expanding. Funny how my relative expansions were on driving, heheh. Perhaps my sleep to blog length theory is kind wack... or, then again, is it?!?! Ohhh, secrets abounding yet confounding the brain...

...yeah, I've got nothing. Pretty weird am I.

Oh, and check out the new Arctic Monkeys video. I thought it was kinda stupid until I read a comment on how this video is a metaphor for how "the wrist-slitting youth tries to use the wrist-slitting to get guys." And they did it tastefully! Taken in that context, that video is pretty awesome... honestly, song was secondary in my mind, as it's 3 am...

...okay, I gotta have something more than this obvious featured vid. But I haven't watched anything else of note today... so, therefore, here's my friend Dorothy singing Death Cab For Cutie!

Until next time, I guess...


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