Friday, December 23, 2005


Today was quite an awesome day. Slept in 'til noon, had a haircut (a bit shorter than what I wanted, but oh well), wandered the mall buying presents for my sister, saw an old friend I haven't seen in forever (Shane, to those of you who know him), went carolling with Sheena etc, and went to my cousin's birthday dinner thingy! Quite an awesome day.

Almost spoiled by my dad's neurotic control over both the tv and the computer, but that's easily overlooked.

Today was incredibly awesome. Especially the carolling. Reuben was right, that was FUN. With Sheena, Mai, Nate, Reuben, and myself, we had a pretty good quintet going there. And I'm surprised that I was actually able to harmonize to some of the songs! My goodness, I need to sing more often. Woo, september should be AWESOME!, what with the band and all. Although, once again, I found that I need to project more; I'm still way to quiet. Just can't seem to be both loud and controlled at the same time, and being quiet and controlled is less embarassing than loud and off. But no matter, singing is fun, tonight was awesome, and hooray for everything!

Speaking of hooray for everything, it's nearly Christmas. And I've just found out that the family christmas party is at Tim & Alvin's place (my cousins). What's so awesome about that is that they tore down their old house and built a new one on top of it. And I haven't been over there yet. Man, that'll be AWESOME. However, as it is in Vancouver, there's a large possibility that I won't make it to the midnight mass that Reuben so kindly invited me too. Sounded nice. Then again, if I'm back by 11:30, I'll probably just give a call and go anyways. Always wanted to know what the big draw was to those christmas/easter super churchiness.

But, I'm beginning to ramble. And, oddly enough, it's only 11. Perhaps for the first time in well over a month I'll go to bed before midnight. We'll see...

[and by "we" I mean as the universal "we". As in, the universe shall unfold itself into knowing whether I shall actually go to bed before 12 or not. But, I'm rambling again.]

Until next time, I guess...


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