Friday, December 16, 2005

Pick Up Socks, etc.

I just had a test today. In OB. Should've been easy, what with the already taking it before, and the 100 MC exam, etc, but no. I studied for a combined time of 2hrs on this exam. Today, before the test. And by study I really just mean glance through my notes / textbook. Things aren't looking good. I mean, if I end up with a 70, I'd be estatic. Ecstatic. Or whatever.

Anyways, my last final is tomorrow. Tomorrow night. At 7pm. I'll say it again: my exam is on a Saturday night. This sucks on so many levels. First of all, I'm gonna miss the canucks on HNIC. Second of all, I have pretty much no time to study, considering I would most likely not study from sunset tonight to sunset tomorrow. Plus, I just had two exams, and I'm fairly burned out. And my neck hurts from looking down at my tests / the cold / sleeping in a non-comfy spot.

Oh well, at least I'm done after tomorrow. Woo, and such.

Then, I do believe, there's hockey on sunday at deer lake. Then it's Clinton's b-day on monday. And then I'm getting my teeth pulled. Hurrah, lol...

I should go study now, while I still can.

Until next time, I guess...

[edit - Well, I just realized that I left all my notes for 290 at home. Plus, all the online material uses pdf, meaning I can't view them from the David Lam comp lab. This is highly annoying. Plus, I can't go home and get 'em, 'cause I'm supposed to be in vancouver tonight anyways, helping with the christmas thing tomorrow. So, that basically means I'll only get a couple hours of studying for my exam once again. Hopefully it'll go better than today's. Oh well. No point in freaking out now, is there. I think I'm gonna take a nap.]


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