Thursday, December 22, 2005


Yeah, canucks game kinda stunk one point it was just getting rediculous, with the 5 goals in 4 mins or whatever it was...I think the 5-5 tying goal was the first goal I can remember that I truly felt indifferent about. It was like, "meh, another goal..." I didn't like that feeling. But yeah, point is, we lost, and it was a bad game.

I'd talk more about hockey, i.e. the olympic picks, but I just don't feel like it right now. I've just been playing CivIV since the game ended. It's nearly 2am now, heheh. I'm kinda pooped.

But enough of this nonsensical clutter, and onto something more stimulating...

Now, a few years ago, a bunch of animated shows were shown on teletoon, shows which just about defined my senior year. Of course, I'm talking about Undergrads, Mission Hill, the Oblongs, and Clone High. These four shows are just incredible, in every single aspect. Plus, they all have one thing in common: they all got cancelled after their first season. Stupid networks. But anyways, I'm just wondering which show was your favourite of the bunch? Least favourite? Best way to do this is to just list my order of favourites, so here they are:

1) Undergrads
2) Clone High
3) Mission Hill
4) Oblongs

Undergrads was the absolute best of the bunch. I just loved the whole college comraderie bit. Every single episode was awesome. It had by far the coolest opening theme, The Click, and I was just starting to get into the whole punk etc. scene, so that was awesome. Remember, Good Charlotte used to be cool. Anyways, the episode that really skyrocketed Undergrads over the others for me was the one when Nitz fell for Jesse. I believe I talked about it in an earlier post. But yeah, Undergrads definately #1.

Awesome Quote: "Absolutely not. Absolutely not. Absolutely hot. Very very hot. Damn, she's hot!"

Clone High was almost as awesome, but there were just some episodes that ticked me off. Like, the one w/ Abe always slicing his mouth with that utensil contraption, and the stupid final episode which ruined Clone High for me. For the longest time, Clone High was relegated to number 4, just because I was so ticked at the ending. But, looking back, and after watching some more shows, and realizing it's awesomeness, Clone High's definately #2.

Awesome Quote: "Rhythm is Everywhere!"

Mission Hill was quite good. It ain't as high up 'cause I remember some episodes were just meh, comparatively speaking. Most episodes were awesome, though. One episode that stands out in particular was the Weirdy episode. Especially the end of that episode, when he throws the recommendation into the water 'cause he blew it w/ Weirdy...awesomeness into hilariousness! Niiice...but yeah, all in all, not quite as good as the others, so Mission Hill's definately #3.

Awesome Quote: "How can I play the expansion pack if I have nothing to EXPAND upon?!"

Oblongs...ah, the oblongs. It was also a great show, but I just didn't really get it sometimes. It just got a bit too weird for me at times. Nevertheless, I enjoyed and still enjoy watching it. Therefore, Oblongs is definately #4.

Soo....what order would you put 'em in?

Until next time, I guess...


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