Friday, December 23, 2005


Tonight was a band meeting at Andrew's. Man, this has the potential to be extremely awesome. Can't wait 'til september! And now I've procured the bass, and now I can practice. Heheh...

Also, hanging out tonight was fun. Although I believe I did end up eating much more than I expected to. Oh well.

Also, Reuben convinced me to go carolling w/ Sheena and them at Richmond Centre. Just sounded like way to much fun to miss out on. Plus, singing Oi to the World would be completely awesome. That and Do They Know It's Christmas Time?, that band aid song from the 80's with like 20 singers. Awesomeness.

I believe that tomorrow I shall get a haircut before the carolling. I've been putting it off for weeks, might as well look spiffy. I think I'll stick with this long hair, early 90's style look I love so much. I just get all nostalgic and stuff.

And now, lets finish up with some randomness:

Real Philippinos shouldn't mind using a bidet. Real Philippinos know why. I'll leave it at that.

Until next time, I guess...


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