Sunday, December 25, 2005


First and foremost, Merry Christmas to all! And yes, even to all the non-christmas-ers, as everyone seems to be thinking of not offending / purposely rubbing it into the face of Mohsin. LOL.

Anyways, I've gotta say that it's been one heck of a christmas day. I mean, I've slept through most of it! Hahaha...but, I'll start at the beginning.

Saturday morning, churchtime. Quite nice. Afternoon/early evening, hanging out around the house, watching dvds, playing CivIV, and fiddling with Andrew's unconnected bass. Nice passage of time. Evening, cousins' place, tons of non-traditional christmas dinner food, crazy new house; awesome. Came home, did our present thing, stayed up all night watching Joan of Arcadia. Hilariously awesome. Drove my mom to work at 7ish, came home and watched some more Joan of Arcadia until I fell asleep around 10am. Woke up at quarter to 5, and here I am!

But I feel the need to expand a bit:

Now, when I went to my cousin's place, it was their brand-spanking-new house. All through the ride over there, I was all super nostalgic over their old place. "Awww, I miss their old place already! I mean, that attic with the games, the downstairs where I slept over, the awesome living room...awww...." However, all of this nostalgic reminiscence completely disappeared as I stepped inside onto the heated tiles. Heheh. But, oh MAN, their place is AMAZING! It's a completely, totally different house now! And it's like a mini-mansion, it's so beautiful! I mean, everything from the kitchen to the living room to the 6ish bedrooms rooms to the heated tiles to the 5 bathrooms and 4 showers, EVERYTHING is awesome! So nice...

Oh, and the, that was delicious, even if it was lacking in such Christmas staples as turkey and mashed potatoes. Heheh, more like roast beef, scallops, shabu-shabu, and philippino soup with tripe. Not that I ate the scallops or tripe, just a description of the variety. LOL.

Anyways, so yeah, we all got home around 11ish, had our annual stay up past midnight to open presents thing, and it was quite nice. But then, Charissa had the awesome idea to watch Joan of Arcadia again. As we already watched a couple episodes earlier in the afternoon. So, here we are, technically Christmas, and we're watching Joan of Arcadia. And let me tell you, that show is beyond frickin' AWESOME. Sure, there's some god-believes-in-ghosts moments, but that's easily looked over. "Jump", episode 12, was one of the best episodes of any show I've ever seen whatsoever. Yeah. But anyways, by about 5:30 my sisters were practically asleep, so they went to bed. As I had to drive my mom to work in about an hour, I watched another episode and passed some time fiddling w/ the bass again, and drove my mom to work. Without sleep. So, as I returned home from that, I was still awake and still on a Joan of Arcadia high, so I decided to watch a few more episodes. I even tried to watch the commentary for Jump, but it was about this time that I was starting to fall asleep. It was around 10am.

And I woke up around quarter to 5, and realized that I'd rather blog than get sucked into another Joan marathon, esp. if my sisters haven't caught up with me. And, yup, I've blogged.

So, as I have nothing left to say at this moment, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good eve!

Until next time, I guess...


Blogger blinde said...

hi! merry Christmas!

just wanted to let you know, before i forget, that i paid aggie for u...u can pay me back on thursday! ciao!

12:58 a.m.  

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