Sunday, December 10, 2006

Vote For Rory! [+misc]

Haha, okay, I was never really into all that "vote for rory" stuff before, but danng, after watching a couple of these attack ads on the top two d... HILARIOUS...

Don't vote for Niedermayer!


Don't vote for Lidstrom!


And I also want a "Vote for Pedro Rory" t-shirt... haha...

Post number 12! Only 13 more to go!



I'm a horrible person... lets just say that I don't have to hand in my paper anymore and leave it at that...


[Edit 2]

Forgot to mention before, about Thursday, everyone I've asked (which is, like, all six of yous) seems to be busy. I'm not holding up that much hope for any sort of large-ish gathering as I had originally envisioned. And what with the exams etc, I'm kinda don't feel like going through the effort of organization. I'll probably just end up watching the game. SOOO, if anyone's up for watching the game with me, preferably at some location in my neck of the woods (i.e., around kits/ubc), that'd be cool.

Oh, and before I forget, it's just under 13 hours until my exam tomorrow. I have yet to study. But marketing's just a bunch of bs anyways. Stupid marketing...


[Edit 3]

Yeah, it's midnight. Marketing exam in about 8 hours. 2/3 hours sleep, 1 hr wake-up routine, 1 hr travel, and the rest is study. I'm frickin screwed you guys...

I've got more to blog, but it'll be at some later date. I guess I really don't care about my marks anymore, heheh.


Blogger Gautam said...

yeah, I saw those two earlier. It's actually really good satire on political elections, as well. Pretty funny stuff, I must say.

3:16 p.m.  

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