Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sitting in the Cornerstone

So here I am, on the corner of 4th and Stephens, and as I sip on my $3 "chai" latte while watching the snow begin to fall, I realized something. My life is AWESOME. Well, recently it has, at least... heheh...

Skipped my first class today, although I didn't intend to. I left the house a scant minute or so later than I should have, and as thus I was at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by. The 84, to be exact. So I waited for another 10 minutes for the next bus, which ended up being the 4. So I hopped on, and wondered why not many people were doing the same; I figured it was because the 4 is usually slower than the express buses. Unbeknownst to me, this 4 in particular didn't go all the way to UBC. Silly me. So we all got off on Alma, and waited for one of the express buses to come. And as I'm sure many of you could guess by now, the express buses are incredibly full by the time they hit Alma. So, as I waited in the cold for the next 20-odd minutes, watching as the line behind me grew steadily longer and longer, three overfilled express buses passed the stop. By the time the last one came, which barely had any room at all, it was already too late for me - by the time I'd get to school, I'd be in class for all of fifteen minutes. So I said enough of this, and let the horde of people try to squish on the bus.

It was only a review session anyways...

I then decided to take a walk up 4th, as the walk I took on Monday went the opposite direction. My first stop was this extremely-hokey new-age bookstore. It was a nice browse. My next stop after that was a couple clothing shops, nothing being terribly appealing (plus, I despise being the only person shopping in a store - the workers keep staring at me, it's so unnerving). Although I did find out that forerunners has the jogger's outfits I'd like to eventually get. I then stopped by the thrift shop I've been meaning to peruse since I first moved into the apartment. And man, I love raiding thrift stores... this time I found No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom (of which I've already owned a copy before Luis lost it on the bus to strathcona, haha), Santana - Supernatural (the one w/ Smooth and Maria Maria, plus a bunch of others I didn't realize was on), as well as the Wallflowers - Bringing Down the Horse (which I got discounted 'cause it lacked a sleeve; the one w/ one headlight, the only difference, etc). So yeah, again, I am a slave to nostalgia, lol... although, I was THIS close to buying like 7 choose your own adventure books, like the oldschool 70's-looking drawings kind. Although, flipping through some of 'em, I realized, buying music from your childhood, WAAAY different from buying books from your childhood. I didn't wanna ruin the mystique that was my grade 2/3 reading materials... although I wouldn't mind getting a hold of some encyclopedia browns and cam jansens... heheh...

Anyways, walking back up 4th, I ended up passing by the Cornerstone, as I was cold and wanted to warm my belly... it looked nice, and the baristas' looked nice, and had free-trade signs all over it, but what really convinced me to enter was the free wireless internet! Unlike some other popular coffee hangout... stupid starbucks... but anyways, yeah, I ordered my chai, sat down, glanced outside as the snow started to fall, and started to blog. My goodness, so relaxing... I can't wait 'til finals are over so I can do this, like, EVERYDAY. This is so worth $300+ a month...


Yesterday I decided to go for a little excursion. And I FINALLY cut my own set of keys to the apartment. It's like I have complete autonomy now, haha... what held me back was the "do not cut" on the main building key, so I was kinda reluctant to cut it around my place. So, Krystle told me of a little place on main and 60th, near where she stays, who would cut the keys. She also told me they were drugdealers, heheh. So yeah, knowing they wouldn't mind cutting a "do not cut" key (as, you know, what were they gonna do, "oh we need a letter from your landlord before we can cut the key. But here's your bag of marijuana!"), I went to pick up Krystle and got it done. We then got some pizza hut and watched the game. WOO we won for once! 1-0, but, you know, whatever... naslund got that crazy goal though, heheh, awesome.

So yeah, three awesome days in a row. All because I decided not to worry about school, AT ALL. Heheh. I'm sure I'll pay for it later (as in, like, IN AN HOUR OR SO as I go to my next class), but yeah, I don't really care. I'm having a blast...


Man, it's really starting to come down again. Road's turning white. Apparently tomorrow brings freezing rain to boot. Perhaps another snow day tomorrow, in which another morning of excursions shall ensue? Hopefully not, I wouldn't really wanna miss tomorrow's classes.

Heheh, as of today, my paper is four, no, FIVE weeks late. Screwing myself over for sure though, 'cause now I've got two papers to write, worth 30% each, and I can't friggin' send that second one late. But you know what? As of this moment, IT'S SOOO WORTH IT.

So worth it.


Blogger Jake said...

"three awesome days in a row. All because I decided not to worry about school, AT ALL".

Heheheh just like in Office Space. Oh and the whole "here's your marijuana line"... awesome!

12:41 p.m.  

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