Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another Awesome Weekend (and sorry for the incoherency & length!)

[Edit: Before I begin, KUDOS to anyone who can actually trog through all this garbage. And for those who'd rather not, youtube awesome at the end!]

Man, went to Camp Hope again this weekend. Sooo awesome. But this time, my mom didn't wanna drive, and my sisters didn't wanna go, so I ended friggin driving there! Very cool... also, I brought along my friend Krystle and Karla... and after I picked them up, and before I went to camp, I went to Nate's barbecue! That was delicious man... but anyways, yeah, drove to camp hope! Oh, but we stopped off at chilliwack, and I bought myself some shoes and a backpack, and I friggin' lost Karla and Krystle for a bit! I was like, dang, where'd they go! ABDUCTION!!! But it turned out they were shopping for things, and didn't wait for me at starbucks. Heheh. All good in the end. Anyways, got to the camp site around 10pm, quite dark, but good thing the tent was already mostly set up, so that was good... met up with Melvin, so it was the four of us for a while...

Anyways, first night was wandering around a bit until we found Valen and co. up on the youth hill, doing their jam session w/ the rest of the philippino church crew. At first we couldn't tell if it was them, as it was super dark and what not, but we eventually realized it was them. (it was rather humorous... hey, is that VALEN? Is it VALEN over there...?). Then, loud conversations with John, which turned into super hilarity when Krystle played along to John's "oh you're so hot krystle!" comments... apparently they'll go out next week sometime now, lol... no, not just lol, more like HAHAHA! Soo funny Krystle... people yelled at us 'cause we were loud too, heheh... then, after a bit, we pretty much went to bed relatively early... I think I went to sleep around 1am, which is like ridiculously early for me in recent times... Rather nice, caught up in my sleep... (and also, LOL! to that, if you continue to read on... catch up on sleep, hahaha...)

Anyways, woke up at 7am when Melvin got up, then 8:30am when Krystle/Karla got up, then finally at 10am when they decided to wake me up, heheh... so yeah, nine hours of sleep for me! So good... anyways, showered, made my way down to the young adult tent, watched an awesome praise music thing (with a crazy awesome written song by the guitarist Danielle, about He knows you, or something... awww man, I forgot it already!!! DANG, IT WAS AN AMAZING SONG!!! Gah... oh, one line, "and he can hear her cry"... perhaps it'll come to me later...). Anyways, decided to go for a walk after that, walked around a bit, then I think I met up with some people, oh then pot luck at Joey/Esther's trailer (but first a little sampling at Karen/Karla & family w/ delicious central american food (plus, I'm thinking not so latin, but I'm not sure... delicious nevertheless!). So, yeah, after I ate w/ Joey and the rest of them, but played w/ the little kids first (i.e. Sophia and G), then ate haystacks (i.e. sevy-style nachos) and pancit (flip noodles) of both palabok and canton. Also delicious!

After fooding, we had a Joey jam session there, as he brought along the churches Les Paul, along w/ his acoustic and a bass, plus the necessary ampage! Soooo awesome, even if I'm HORRIBLE at freestylin'. Heheh, oh well, I'm learning... but yeah, awesome times playing bass, then switching over to guitar (that I haven't played in like forever!). I still need soooo much work, heheh... after the jam session, we headed over to the main pavilion (which seats like 2k, and is like all old and wooden curvey and stuff... hard to explain... but yeah, cool) to hear Winston and Charity sing special music. Although, as they sang at the end, we did have to sit through an excruciatingly boring CUC promotional thing, about what they're doing at the college, and as nobody's really going there... a bunch of people fell asleep, lol... I however stayed ever so intent, bobbing my head a couple times... oh, then they sang. Cooool. Then after that, headed over to Joey's for a bit, then they invited me to eat at the lodge there, giving me a free dinner ticket. Thanks you guys!!! So yeah, it turned out to be more haystacks! Haha... but yes, awesome dinner. Then after this fooding, it was time for playing the bass for the little kids again! Although, this time I was all lost and couldn't read the music properly, and I couldn't hear myself (as per the no monitors / dedicated bass amp), so I was like guessing through half of it... oh well! It was still nice...

After the kids thing, as I met up w/ some other guys (a.k.a. Dorothy/Valen/Kirsten/etc), went up to youth tent. Although, we didn't stay there for long, as Catherine lost her phone and wanted to look for it. Now, as I only knew those people (although not entirely that well, mind you), I decided to tag along and help find her cell phone around their/Aguilar's site. Although, shy me, I barely talked to them, aside from the occasional remark here and there. I helped out slightly, but I kinda felt a little self conscious and what not. Heheh, oh well... but anyways, I ended up meeting with Krystle and Melvin again, and along with Valen, we all went out to hope to go get some food (and yes, I've kinda already eaten, heheh...) so we ended up at Dairy Queen. And yeah, flamethrower burger is DELICIOUS! As delicious as the commercial is hilarious. But I'm sidetracking... anyways, we came back, I ate half my burger and my blue raspberry arctic rush, then went on to youth hill to find the crew. Also, there's a gym-night there, with like basketball and volleyball. I decided to play some volleyball. I found a team with Kim, along with Harvey, Tim, Anthony, ......, crud others I forgot others' names... but yeah, we played volleyball for a couple hours, kinda sucking at first, then really coming together near the end and won like 3-4 games in a row. Rather fun. Oh, and let me remind you, this is outdoor beach volleyball, at like 11pm-1pm. Heheh. It was AWESOME!

After volleyball, when they were shutting down the place, I met up with the others (valen/winston/etc crew), as Winston was playing basketball, or something. We all went down and stayed at the hangout site (i.e. joey's), but first I picked up the rest of my food and such. So, it was 1am, and we were all hanging out (we being Me, Winston, Valen, Dorothy, Catherine, Christian [intermittently], and Kirsten [until her parents got her at 2am-ish]). So, we were all just talking and hanging out and what not for like a bit, and someone (arguably ME) got the idea that we should pull and allnighter. Of course, I was SO up for doing that. So, yeah, as we talked, the convos kinda ebbed and flowed, and people came into and out of conversation due to tiredness and ability to contribute, I guess. Christian left around when Kirsten left, but came back later on, although kinda quietly-ish. But yeah, we all just talked about nothing pretty much, until I think Catherine asked the "what's your favourite movie" question, which started the convo a bit. Then it went to movie soundtracks, then music in general for a while. About this time, most people got drowsy and/or non-talky, and it was just me and Dorothy sticking it out, trying to stay awake and what not, but as it turned out we liked/knew a bunch of the same music (i.e. Less than Jake, Nofx, warped tour, indie bands, "electro" that I have to look for, etc...), then the topic came back to movies, and asked what we liked, and it went from my Eternal Sunshine to surreal movies in general to Donnie Darko to being freaked out if a bunny suddenly hopped into our campsite (even a cute fuzzy one), and then onto horror movies, then b-horror movies, then Ginger Snaps II! AWESOME movie we both enjoyed (and became a running gag, as she always returned to "I really wanna watch Ginger Snaps again..." throughout the night), then seeing a guy at 3am behind the towel (scary), then asking if you're awake move your fingers! (which they didn't), then the weird dog bark that sounded like an old lady yelling at us (HEY Hey hey yipyipyipyip...LOL), then onto how sappy movies are awesome, etc etc... [and before you guys get any ideas, NO to potential, as among other reasons, she's just completed grade 11... so yeah, just 17, little sister's grade, NOT the girl for me...]. Then, as other people awakened, and as the sun started to come up, the conversation took a highly more humourous turn....

Now, let me remind you guys, when I stay up all night in a group situation like that, I practically become drunk as heck, as all my inhibitions seem to fade away. And hence, the energetic/non-shy/crazy Justin emerges! Heheheh...

The conversation went from sappy movies, to a sappy episode of Undergrads (i.e. Roommates, for those interested), to tv shows in general (Dorothy's korean drama addiction!), then back to movies i.e. other genres like action (jackie chan) and comedy, then to Austin powers, then to seth green, then to buffy (or was it buffy then seth green?? oh well), but yeah, we all liked buffy too, heheh... and by this time, I was already getting kinda boisterous, and when the convo went to seth green, and his tv shows, I immediately thought of Greg the bunny, and that friggin' HILARIOUS third (I think) episode when the children-show ratings were going down, so Seth tried to cool/"urbanize" the show a bit, so Count Blah! blah became Count Aight, aight... *smooth hand wave*, LOL, and that cracked them up... then I continued w/ that Count Ai-ee-get Blah! Thing, and they kept laughing, and I continued being an ass, pulling out hilarious crap out of my ass every which way, most of which I've forgotten by now (oh, one included Rex Navarette, SBC, we can pack anything... pack animals... HAHAHA!), but yeah, this laughing fit lasted for practically 2 hours or something, on and off, so yeah, that was quite awesome. Laughing at every little thing at 6am is the best friggin part about staying awake allnight w/ a group like that.

Morning time now, people had to pack, so we all went up and helped pack around 7:30ish. Now, let me tell you, the weather was slightly crummy this weekend, cold and cloudy (especially compared to last week's awesome super-heat), and it ended up raining today, right when we had to start packing. HIGHLY annoying. Oh, also annoying, it was like allergy/cold outside, so my nose was all stuffed, then an eyelash got stuck in my eye for a while, and it was raining, so that part wasn't fun. But I was still hanging out w/ everyone, so it was all cool. I kinda had to break off from this group to meet up w/ Krystle and Melvin as per the tent teardown, so I kinda said my goodbyes (although rather hurredly, I might add), and helped out the teardown. Soon enough, it was like 10am, and we were on our way out of camp!

So yeah, didn't end up hiking up to third ledge (with it's AWESOME view) nor went swimming at Lake of the Woods either. But hey, it was still an AWESOME weekend. Yeah. Awesome. It's so nice I had to say it thrice... but now I'm rambling in my I-stayed-up-for-30-hours-straight style. Yeah. Oh, and I was kinda falling asleep on the ride home. SLIGHTLY SCARY, sorry Krystle, lol... but yeah, t-hos french vanilla, delicious! Same w/ chicken salad, and canadian maple donut. But I'm rambly about boring now... I stop, day is over... hehe, coolness... oh, although, it's like 4pm now, and I've got band practice at 6pm, and I haven't slept yet. LOL, maybe not the best practice... but hey, haven't seen in forever, and I wanna practice something at least... but anyways, point is, WEEKEND WAS AWESOME!!!

Oh, and about the youtube awesome, by the time it was like quarter to 7am, we all realized we were all acting a little crazy, and this always kept popping up from people...

It was all like, who do you, who do you... and I'm like "think you aaarrreee!" And they're like, hahaha, and I'm like "bless your soul!" And we were like, "and I think you're craaaaaazzzaaaayyy!!! Just like MEEEEEE!" And it was cool. Or at least I thought so, lol...
Oh, and funny story, the first time I heard this was when I was listening to the zone 91.3, of all stations, on the new music thing. HAHAHA, that's rather humourous. But yeah, it's a friggin' awesome song. Heheh.

Until next time, I guess...


Blogger Rohbit said...

I have no clue how you write so much.

Those paragraphs are so very intimidating :P.

11:54 p.m.  
Blogger andrew said...

I actually read the post verbatim. You must have had quite the time. Camping is awesomesauce. I want to go camping again.

The rule of 7 dictates that 17 is close enough. Go hit that.

I do, however, question when you claim "I practically become drunk as heck." I mean, how would you know?

10:02 a.m.  
Blogger Rohbit said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:15 p.m.  
Blogger Rohbit said...

I read through it now.

Justin, she's either:

a) Too immature for you, but the immaturity allows her to be a little less prudish and a little more fun.

b) She's just immature enough for you and maybe it's not as taboo as some claim it is.

In a year, she'll be fair game ;).

12:16 p.m.  
Blogger bj_nitsuj said...

Reuben1 - I write so much b/c of my allnighter. I find that my writing varies inversely to the amount of sleep I've had. Although I'm sure I'm butchering math-speak.

Andrew - 22/2+7 = 18, so technically no, lol... and as per that drunk comment, I mean in the stereotypical "liquid courage" release of inhibitions, etc etc..

Anonymous - Wooo, deleted comment! Scandalous!

Reuben2 - I'd explain it more, but I'm such a Lazy Perfectionist. And my name is Nits. Yeah, I said it. Secret codes and what not. Yo.

11:29 p.m.  
Blogger bj_nitsuj said...

Oh jeez, I can't believe I forgot!


12:02 a.m.  
Blogger andrew said...

Thought you were 21. My bad.

8:57 a.m.  

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