Sunday, July 23, 2006


Hey, got back from a day-trip to Hope, or more specifically, Camp Hope. A yearly event which lasts for a week + weekends (i.e. from friday to next sunday). Very fun, VERY big event, with like 10,000+ people from the entire B.C. Conference camp for a week, w/ sermons and music and sunshine and wakeboarding (to name a few things) filling up their days. Such an awesome thing to see. TONS of people wandering around, and every so often there's a bunch of people you know; friends from current church, from previous church visitations, from summer camps, etc etc...

But anyways, about today, VERY beautiful over there in the fraser valley. Even if it was super hot and muggy (I heard it being called Ontario weather, btw... lol). Anyways, woke up like an hour or two late, so after the 2ish hour drive up there, we barely caught the tail end of the speaker. My sisters and I decided to go to the youth hill, while I wanted to go to the young adult tent. Oh well, Walter's a good speaker. Then it was the Vancouver Central Oakridge Adventist annual potluck lunch thing, delicious veggie food as per usual, plus hanging out w/ friends surrounded by mountains and trees and blue sky and 35degree air (or so it felt, at least). But awesome nevertheless. Then, as it was friggin hot outside, we decided to go to the Lake of the Woods, which is like an 8min drive away. Soooo nice, even if it did take us like 2 hrs to actually go through with the plan, heheh... funny thing though, I kinda forgot to bring swimming trunks, so I just went in my shorts, heheh... then, getting back, went to dinner in a makeshift 8-man gazebo-tent thing... then played bass for the little kids w/ Joey etc... then scampered over to the young adult tent (which was much more university-lecture like, and consequently much more enjoyable for me and much less for Charissa)... then went off too the SDA bookstore / grocery store, which I subsequently lost my sisters while having my back turned, which then lead me into a crazy hour of surprising awesomeness wandering the campsite trying to find my sisters in the twilight of 9pm... so my sisters and I were in the bookstore, so I went off looking around, and as I turned my back for a few seconds, they were gone! I checked the bookstore, then the foodstore, but couldn't find them... after waiting around there for a few mins, I decided to wander around, see if I could eventually find them... while doing so, I met up w/ Joey, Esther, and company walking around, which included Esther's cousins Dorothy (or DJ? she goes by both, haven't really called her by either yet...) and Catherine, and joined up w/ them. As I was considering going to the youth hill for some volleyball/basketball, asked them if they wanted to go too, they decided to go to the stores first, so I went along, but again I turned my back and they friggin' disappeared! Gah, annoying! So I decided to just walk back up to the youth hill anyways, by myself... now, on the way I met up with David (Ngan) and Tim, which was pretty cool as I barely see either of them, so we walked up for a bit... then we saw Valen for like 20 seconds, as had to get back to her tent and there was a passing car willing to give her a ride... anyways, I had to use the bathroom, so David/Tim and I went our separate ways... after relief, walked to youth hill, and met up w/ DJ and Catherine, along with Winston and CJ... ended up watching the crazy fast paced (but very low scoring) b-ball match going on... anyways, I realized it was like 10pm, having to drive back from hope tonight, so I thought it'd be best if I continued my search for my sisters... but yeah, point is, I just thought it was pretty cool that while wandering the campground filled with thousands of people, I meet up with so many of my friends... fairly awesome... (btw, I did find my sisters, and my mom, eventually...)

Hmmm, perhaps I should've spaced that out a bit, use a little something I call "paragraphs" and what not... but no matter...

Anyways, anybody wanna come out camping next weekend? To this place, hmmm? Most likely Sat. overnight kinda thing... Saturday would mostly be laid back-ish (as it's the sabbath and all), but Sunday all the activities are in full swing, including wakeboarding/waterskiing among others... probably for a $$ for rentals and what not though... but man, it's a beautiful place, surrounded by trees and mountains with awesome hikes with (smallish but swimmable) waterfalls, & huge plateaus... but yeah, I guess you guys won't be much interested, I'd assume... just thought I'd give an invite anyways...

Oh, and a funny coincidence, on Jamieson's blog was a link to a religious-themed survey, the Belief-O-Matic... funny as it was one of the first things I read online after coming home from a religious-themed day trip...

Needless to say, perhaps this survey thingy is fairly accurate...

1. Seventh Day Adventist (100%)
2. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (96%)
3. Orthodox Quaker (96%)
4. Eastern Orthodox (90%)
5. Roman Catholic (90%)
6. Jehovah's Witness (72%)
7. Hinduism (70%)
8. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (67%)
9. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (67%)
10. Orthodox Judaism (59%)
11.Sikhism (54%)
12.Islam (49%)
13.Jainism (47%)
14.Liberal Quakers (46%)
15.Bahá'í Faith (45%)
16.Unitarian Universalism (41%)
17.Mahayana Buddhism (37%)
18.Theravada Buddhism (36%)
19.Neo-Pagan (28%)
20.Reform Judaism (27%)
21.Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (27%)
22.Scientology (22%)
23.New Age (22%)
24.Taoism (21%)
25.Secular Humanism (19%)
26.New Thought (16%)
27.Nontheist (14%)

...or (as I stated in Jamieson's blog) perhaps I just chose answers that already conformed to my religion, seeking out SDA answers from the get go?? I don't know... then again, many of the choices I made were in hesitation... i.e. the "what you must do to be saved" questions...

Anyways, that's about all I've got to say right now... oh, except one more thing that I've been thinking of doing since NumaNuma first broke, and that is to do one crazy montage-like video for youtube combining all the major viral vids over the past couple years, incl. Numa Numa, Star Wars Kid, Lazy Sunday (i.e. crazy delicious!), Internet is for porn, etc etc... and I mean like, writing a crazy script incorporating all this awesome... like, doing a numa numa ripoff first, then all of a sudden a ninja crashes throught the ceiling and challenges me to a duel or something, but gives me a month of training, i.e. with a friggin double lightsabre! Then, a whole lot of awesomeness ensues... just a rough idea, but you get what I mean, eh? Just wanted to share, see if anyone else is interested in the filming/acting/etc... plus, with more bodies wanting to do this, the greater the likelihood of me actually following through! Haha... I mean, yeah I know that practically nobody would have read up to this final paragraph or whatever, but hey, I kinda like spilling out all this crap in my head at 4 in the morning, heheh... but anyways, as this was a huge tangent of the main post, just to recap what happened, today at Camp Hope was AWESOME!

Until next time, I guess...


Blogger Kyle said...

Don't forget "All Your Base Are Belong To Us." :P

WVOTD: hxudggh

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Blogger andrew said...

Sounds like good times.

10:06 p.m.  

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