Sunday, April 30, 2006

Continuation, Etc

Here's the pics I said I put up:

Yup, that's me in the front, my sisters behind me, and Jerome from Switchfoot. We're inside the tourbus. Heheh, my hair's a mess because I was in the "squish pit" at the front of the stage, being all incredibly cramped and squishy and sweaty and such. The redeye makes me look even funnier, heheh...

Here's another pic inside their tourbus, with Esther (Joey's wife) and Shaylene in the back walking between the bunks. I'd add more pictures of the tourbus, but it feels kind of like an invasion of privacy, and thus feels kinda icky.

Here's most of the guys from Switchfoot (minus lead singer Tim) with Joey and Esther. If you haven't already figured it out, Jerome and Joey know each other. In fact, they're childhood friends, growing up together in California. We were supposed to meet Switchfoot too, and got as far as inside the Green Room, but the security people were having a fit and said that only Joey and Esther could see them, and thus kicked us out. "Oh, sure, you're old friends, two can say, you four leave." So instead, Charissa, Shaylene, Diana (Charissa's friend), and I went to Cafe Crepe for some delicious goodness. [p.s., there's one at UBC now! Yummy!]

Anyways, apparently Switchfoot came out, and Jerome was all "Oh my goodness, JOEY?! WOW, IT'S JOEY!!!" And the security people got super embarrassed. Heheh. Unfortunately as we were already eating, they couldn't find us outside, and instead we met up with them later. And that's when Jerome came out and showed us the tourbus. Then we all went back to Joey's place, and we went home. I must say, Jerome is a pretty cool guy, and (as expected) very normal.

Heheh, Esther was all weirded out because she had no idea how big/famous/etc Switchfoot is.

But enough about Switchfoot, that was yesterday. As for today... now, what did I do today...

Oh yes, I bought 9V batteries for my bass (as it horribly ran out of juice on Saturday, and hence I had to use the junky bass instead). I also bought a softcase, as well as a crazy expensive patchcord (is that what they're called?). I realized that I didn't really need the patchcord, and thus I'll probably return it tomorrow, before the Kits beach thing.

Today was also band practice. I must say, it's actually starting to come together quite nicely! I need to learn the covers better, and learn to sing & bass together better, etc etc, but still, our progression is quite noticeable! Soooo awesome.

Man, I can't freaking wait 'til June 16th! Because June 16th is the day of our concert! At Reuben's, on June 16th! It's a friday, June 16th is. And it'll be at 7pm, on friday, on June 16th. ...At Reuben's! ...uh, ...YEAH!

Oh yeah, as per Reuben's comment, with the non-mentioning and such, I guess it kinda slipped my mind. Heheh. Oh, but I must add, I can soooo see myself living inside one of those tour busses for six months on the road. Man, that would be so cool... A guy can dream...

Right, and after band practice, I went to Quilon with my Uncle. Dang, that place is delicious... so awesome, Quilon is...

Heheh, Charissa bought a blender today, and is going smothie crazy. She also came back from Whistler, bringing back margherita mix and other such syrups, so she's crushing ice and making drinks like crazy. She just came in and gave me a strawberry-mango slurpy-type drink. Awesome.

Anyways, I still have to finish my paper. I have to freaking do it quickly. Actually, I'm thinking if I can get through just a couple of pages tonight and sleep at about 2-3, I'd have enough sleep/energy for the Kits beach thing tomorrow. I can hopefully finish it tomorrow night, as I'm thinking sleep is more important at this juncture in time. But yeah, point is, it's now quarter after 11, and I have to get started. Yup.

Until next time, I guess...

[Edit, past midnight - Well, instead of doing any actual work, here's what I did instead:

You scored as Engineering. You should be an Engineering major!





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with

Yeah, I should be an engineer...?? However, did you notice something that I found quite apparent? Lets see... Commerce, Business, Accounting... NOPE! None of that in here. Heheh. Perhaps I'll just stick to business.]

[Edit, 2am - Yup, didn't do squat. Well, I did end up listening to music for the past 2 hours. How nice...]


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