Monday, March 20, 2006

Recording Session

Recording is friggin AWESOME! Recorded on friday and saturday, at my church, for the concert we're doing on June 10th. Or rather, for the CD we shall be selling at the concert. And man, the song we recorded last week was AWESOME. Well, relatively speaking. But yes, awesome nonetheless. We'll probably be sending one song as an MP3, so I'll post that once I have it myself. Also, in said song, if you listen closely, I'm the guy harmonizing in the background. Heheh, so cool...

Oh hey, here's some pictures from the saturday recording session. Not the greatest pics of me, but it ain't bad either. Plus, it just looks cool. Heheh.

That's Valen and Alan up there in the top picture, btw. You guys probably met Alan too, he's in EECE w/ Reuben, went to my birthday, went to midnight bikeride, came to interphase's last show...

Anyways, recording's awesome. Friday my little sister toured UBC, also awesome. Went from going to my other sister's class, then we ate at University Pizza (above the Village, so good!), then we sat in the aquatic centre viewing gallery and relaxed, then went to botanical gardens. Holy crap the botanical gardens are awesome, and I'm guessing it'll be like 50x more awesome when all the flowers are in bloom. Everybody, we must some day go to the botanical gardens!

...yeah, that's about it. Woo recording!

Until next time, I guess...


Anonymous Valen said...

ditto!! =D
i like that pic of us.
i think i shall take more next week~

5:06 PM  

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