Thursday, March 09, 2006

Frickin' Homework...

I really don't wanna do my stats assignment. It's due tomorrow. It's probably not even that hard.

So very tired. I wanna do my classic sleep-then-wake-up-at-4am thing, but I'd rather get it over with.

Came home today early. What a complete waste of my friggin time. I should've stayed at school and finish my stats. And perhaps got other stuff done. Oh well...

Can I help it that I like the snow? And oh, the expression of my feelings is so gay. Or, rather, eunuch-y?

How badly does logging damage tropical rainforests? Researchers compare plots of forests in Borneo that had never been logged to similar, nearby forests that had been logged eight years earlier. The numbers of tree species in each of 12 unlogged plots and 9 logged plots are shown below.


Haha, that was the first part of my assignment. And everyone thought that it was some type of social commentary. Hehehe...

I'm gonna stop blogging now. Hopefully start on my homework. Hopefully finish before midnight.

...whoops, midnight is like 5 mins away. Make that finish before 1am. Yipes...

Until next time, I guess...

[edit, past 2:30am - It would be correct to say that I am sufficiently screwed. Not even finished the first question of four. And on top of that, I believe I'm doing it incorrectly. I'm so friggin' depressed right now... but man, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...]

[edit, 3am - I'm frickin' stupid. I did the question wrong, and I know how I did it wrong. But that means I have to redo the question. That I spent the past 45 mins doing. Which should've taken 10mins to do. Did I mention that it's 3 o'clock in the frickin' morning?!?!]

[edit, 4:12am - Finally finished the 1st question. My usual uber-ticked-offiness has been usurped by the feeling of accomplishment and overshadowed by the intense feeling of wanting to finish this darned assginment]

[edit, 4:45am - I'm sleepy... I just finished Question 2. Still have 3 & 4 to do. Wait, silver lining! 3+4=0.5 page length of question, while 1+2=1.5 page length of question. Perhaps, similar time values??]

[edit, 5:30am - Finished Question 3. Took longer than expected. Then again, I was doing it rather slowly, and Charissa did come and interrupt me to print out her paper (as she was pulling a semi-allnighter doing it). Speaking of allnighters, I'm seriously considering doing so. That way, I could probably finish copying Marcella's notes (the ones I borrowed from her) and give it to her tomorrow. That, and to not end up sleeping in like what I did on wednesday. I probably would've liked it too...BAH WHY AM I THINKING AHEAD!!! I still gotta do Question 4, hehe...]

[edit, 6:45am - Finished my stats assignment. Andrew's awake. Heheh, it's like he's in Toronto again, kinda... but anyways, yeah too late for sleep now. And my hunger seems to be overriding my want to sleep. Oh well. I guess I'll go do that now then. Hurray for me finishing my assignment though. Hurray. No more blogging now.]


Blogger Bernie said...

Sometimes I find that doing assignments ahead of time eliminates the late night stress, so you can spend your late nights doing other watching paint dry..or my personal favorite, playing a game where you hold your breath until you almost black out!

2:38 a.m.  
Blogger Rohbit said...

Isn't that physically imposible?

To hold your breath till you black out?

2:40 p.m.  
Blogger Gautam said...

No, it is physically impossible to KILL yourself while holding your breath. When you hold your breath, the CNS detects high carbon dioxide levels in the body and thus causes you to faint so that you start breathing again while unconscious.


7:37 p.m.  

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