Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Now, for those of you who don't wanna bother reading that mountain of procrastination, let me sum up.

I wasted all my time over the past few days. It's now 1:30am. I barely studied; no, I practically didn't study at all. I did part of a question in a practice exam. That's all.

I found every single thing I could think of today to procrastinate as much as possible. That's just rediculous. For examples, just check my recent posts. Just awful.

And now for some more "make a diagram" procrastination:

My test is in 18 hrs, give or take. 7 of those hours will be sleeping. 2 of those hours will be morning eat/shower/travel time. 2 more of those hours will be feeding/procrastinating while at UBC. Another hour to give time to find my class (osborne A, never been, pretty far...). That leaves me with about 6 hrs of cramming time tomorrow. Lets go over the test.

1) Bonds --> 0.5 hrs studying (should be easy)

2) Warranties --> 1 hr studying (should also be relatively easy, but I haven't looked much)

3) Statement of Cash Flows --> 0.5 hrs (easy + worth little)

4) Shareholders Equity --> 1 hr (relatively simple, but a little tricky)

5) A/R (accounts receivable) --> 0.5 hrs (From before the midterm. Aced Q on the midterm.)

6) Inventory --> 0.75 hrs (Same as 5, except slightly tricky)

7) Financial Statement Analysis --> 1.5 hrs (tricky, plus worth majority on test. Ratios and stuff)

Giving me a grand total of --> 5.75 hrs. I'm giving myself 6 hrs of cram time. I should be alright.

Perhaps that is why I didn't wanna study. 'Cause I have confidence in my cramming ability, as well as my ability to remember previous classes. Oh well, we'll see how well I'll do.

...I could've studied for the tests I'm worried about for next week. Whoops. Perhaps after this test I'll force myself to take a bus to UBC to study. Perhaps = MUST.

Until next time, I guess...


Blogger Jamieson said...

You seem so ashamed of your procrastination, yet you don't do anything to overcome it. I don't get it...

I just love how you've put two hours for procrastination into your schedule. Awesome. LOL.

2:44 p.m.  
Blogger bj_nitsuj said...

Well, not ashamed really, more annoyed. 'Cause I know I could do so much better. I'm merely content with just getting by. And by getting by I mean doing the least amount of work for maximum marks.

1:04 a.m.  

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