Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's Official

Well, I'm officially the biggest procrastinator in the world. My HUGE accounting final is tomorrow. I have yet to study. I fear for the worst.

Stupid already taking the course several times before giving me false confidence in my ability to cram for 5 hrs before the test and still receive an outstanding score. Stupid scaling with the expectation that even without studying everyone else would not do as well as myself. Stupid family talking me out of going to UBC today where I knew I'd be forced to study, while instead making me think I should just go study at the library, which I knew would never happen, but tricked myself into believing that it could possibly work. Stupid Rooster Teeth for producing such hilariously awesome machinima animations thus not only cutting into my study time but also reducing my will to hit the books.

Stupid me for making all these excuses and yet doing nothing about it myself. Oh well.

I should at least start something. Therefore, I might as well start "making a diagram of how they will reorganize their files when they get around to it", or something to that effect. Therefore, here's my gameplan.

Today - Finish off my practice finals from previous years. This should take about 5 hours.

Tomorrow - Go through book/notes/etc in detail before my test.

Soooo, yeah. Not much of a gameplan. But I know I'll start to study tomorrow, 'cause I'm picking up my sister at 11pm after her morning exam. So, from about noon to 6, I'll have a big block of cramming. Well, perhaps an hour in between for lunchings. Anyways, the point is, now that I've got my plan in order, it's time for me to execute.





......I feel like watching tv.

Until next time, I guess...

[edit, 1 hr later - yeah, my mom was watching tv, so instead I checked webct for my test tomorrow. Slogging through everyone's questions, they seem remarkably easy, for the most part. Now, I'm incredibly bored, but at least I went through the webct stuff. Yet another procrastination to my doing the practice exams, but whatever. It should help a little.]


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