Friday, December 02, 2005


Today seemed so unproductive.

But I don't feel like explaining the me eating lunch w/ my uncle in yaletown, or playing CivIV too much, or getting to church setting up stuff for the big winter dinner, or waiting in the wrong spot for over half an hour to pick up Esther from the hospital, or playing violin for the first time in forever (still not that great, even w/ all those years of practice), or...I don't remember my point. Oh well.

My mom hasn't come home from her work party dinner thing. I had a missed call at around 10pm. I hope I didn't have to pick her up...

Tomorrow's my little cousin's birthday. As in, 2 or 3 yr old cousin's birthday. Basically an excuse for the grown-ups to get together. Then, at night it's the dinner thing.

All in all, I'm fairly depressed for no reason. I'm guessing it's the lack of sleep, or the lack of proper nutrition, or the general uselessness of today. Or maybe I just feel SAD. Have. Whatever. I'm tired.

Today was the last day of classes. I should've been estatic. But I'm not. Plus, exams are here and I haven't studied yet. And I probably won't study this weekend either. So basically, I'm screwed again. But I'm not worried. The worst that'll happen is that I won't get good marks. Then, I won't do well overall. Then, after it's all said and done, I'll have to get a job at a local small to medium sized accounting firm instead of the big 4. Considering I was kinda planning on going small/medium anyways, marks don't seem like that big of a deal. Kinda relaxing actually.

I wanna listen to some more christmas music. Last year's christmas wasn't all that great. Oh right, esp. with the me crashing into the pole and feeling horrible 'til the next day when I got my phone. Phone was nice. Wow, I've had my phone for almost a year already. Still looks good, heheh...but I digress. Christmas is the topic. As in, I want a fun christmas like the good ol' days, where I'd get the video game I was wanting for ages, like DKC, and playing it 'til 2-3am. Or, looking outside the window during a snowstorm, staring for what seemed like hours at the serenity of it all. Or not even the good ol' days, maybe even a couple years ago w/ the christmas musical we did at church. Singing was nice.

Singing. That'd be good to start again. I feel like it's the only decent thing I'm able to do musically. Or, rather, it's the only more-than-decent thing. Everything else, I'm nothing more than so-so. Violin, Guitar, Drums, Congas, etc, I don't seem to be all that awe-inspiring. I could blame it on a plethora of excuses, but the fact is that I'm just not that good. Hopefully bass will be better. I spelled that base at first. I think I spelled it base many times. But bass seems to be the proper term. Base. Bass. Whatever.

I'm rambling. Quite nonesensically, I might add. In fact, this seems like the blog-equivalent to verbal diarrhea. I don't know if I spelled diarrhea correctly. I'm to lazy to check. I'm too lazy for a lot of things.

I was about to get off the comp, but then I heard the water running in the bathroom. Which means that my sister's taking a shower. Which means that I won't be able to shower for approximately another hour. That's fairly disheartening, considering I wanted to sleep right now. Oh well, time for some more mindless ramblings.

Wow, although my ramblings seem mindless, I'm apparently not mindless enough to not care about correcting typos. As in, I seem to press the backspace key a lot. Hence the lack of typos. Probably not the complete lack thereof, but a great deal of 'em. Not bad considering I feel mindless.

Actually, all this junk I'm writing is quite soothing. Making me tired, actually. In fact, my eyes are practically shut right now. In fact, my eyes are actually shut right now. Wow, still no typos. I amaze even myself sometimes.

That sounds like a line from an arrogant kinda person. Well, either arrogant or sarcastic. I think that was leaning towards the latter.

Latter sounds like ladder. I almost typed it out that way. Heheh...

Wow, that was really nonsensical. Is nonsensical a word?

I wanted to go out w/ mohsin and others tonight, but decided against it, for quite a numerous amount of reasons. Most should be fairly obvious. Wait a sec. When I said "go out w/ Mohsin", I didn't mean it in a lets go on a date kinda way. You know, just to be clear.

Looking back at what I wrote, I've realized I've rambled away from the point I wanted to talk about earlier. About Christmas. About the fact that I wanted this Christmas to be like the Christmasses of old. I wanted to say that because of this, this is why I wanted to listen to more christmas music. Like, really good christmas music too. Not just the contemporary stuff. Songs like gloria in excelsius deo. I don't remember the name of the song. Weird, just as I typed it the song came to me. Angels we have heard on high. Or is it? I'm tired, I could be wrong. Or songs from the christmas musical.

I have the cd to that musical somewhere. I so gotta find it and start listening...

"...Auwssome!" Heheh...[btw, this is the reason why I started saying "Awesome" a lot. You guys just reinforced it.]

And I'm practically certain that by this point nobody is still reading. Comment if otherwise. I'd like to know what kind of crazy person would bother wading through that pile of garbage.

I think that sometimes I'm too hard on myself. Oh well. Man, I don't wanna ramble on anymore.

Until next time, I guess...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude just wanted to clear something up about last year's christmas. with the pole. you didn't hear the whole story. we heard you crash and everyone was all like ohno ohmygoodness is he ok and etc. and then someone said oh he's fine so THEN we all started laughing about it. u gotta admit it's kind of funny. u just kinda walked in on that... and then you left the room and mommie told me to stop laughing b/c it's not really funny and that u could be hurt. so HA you are loved.*hugz* be happy

12:35 a.m.  

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