Saturday, December 03, 2005


Well my last post was just dumb. And rambly. So I'll get to the point.

This sunday is Floor Hockey at Deer Lake School again for anyone interested. It shall be quite awesome, and this time around there should be lots more people.

Address is 5500 Gilpin Street in Burnaby. Mapquest it. Easiest way to get to Gilpin is by going north on Royal Oak, and is your first right after Deer Lake Parkway. Keep going down Gilpin 'til you see a fence, that's the school, and the entrance to the school is in another little sideroad.

Let me know if you're interested, eh? And if you get lost, call me.

EDIT - We also need a goalie now. So, anyone that's interested, bring some equipment and play in goal!

Until next time, I guess...


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