Monday, December 05, 2005


While searching through next semester's schedule. I realized something. Something horrible. If I take linguistics, I'd be walking from Math to Woodward. I was all "I'm gonna hafta walk from Math to Woodward?! Aw, hells no...DROP!"

And so I dropped linguistics. I was kinda looking forward to that too. Oh well.

Instead, I picked up a psych course. A major reason being that most psych courses are in Angus anyways, lol...but yeah, I'm now registered in PSYC 205.

Actually, the main reason that put me over the edge and registered was the awesomeness of how the class is set up. I mean, there's 3 tests, and no paper. NO FREAKIN' PAPER!!!, the tests aren't cumulative, with midterms 40% each and final's midterm 1 is on weeks 1-5, #2 on weeks 6-10, and the final's on weeks 11-13! Not only that, but the final's gonna be all multiple choice, so it's like not really having a final during finals week! Sweeeeet...

Dropping a harder unnecessary course which would've been a hassle to get to, for a much MUCH easier course that's in the same building I'm in all day? Who wouldn't wanna do that!

Although, I did want to take Linguistics...oh well. Unnecessary. I'm actually more ticked that I didn't check the courses again before this semester started, 'cause the Phil 120 Logic course opened up, and I REALLY wanted to take that. I could've taken distance, but I'm completely against not going to a lecture (cause that'll mean I'd actually have to read the book, heheh...)

Anyways, yeah. I'm now registered in psych 205, contemporary issues or something like that. I think this term's on culture and evolution in social behaviour, according to the comments. Oh, and another thing, my sister took this class last year. I WILL BEAT HER!!! I just gotta...although I think she did a different topic in 205. Oh well.

Until next time, I guess...


Blogger Rohbit said...


I had to walk from Macleod to the Math building every Monday Weds and Friday last year.

And you're complainin about walking from Math to Woodward... geez, it's all downhill too.

12:52 p.m.  
Blogger bj_nitsuj said...

I'm not gonna argue, I am kinda spoiled being in or around Angus all day. But still, for a class I don't really need, why bother with that hassle? Plus, I really dislike being late (for class, at least), and rushing only to be a few mins late isn't that appealing.

Plus, the class I'm coming from is really interesting, so I don't wanna have to pack up super fast and/or miss the last bit of the lecture leaving early.

Besides, it all worked out in the end anyways, with the easier closer class and whatnot.

10:16 p.m.  

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