Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Nice...oh what?!

Oh man, I completely forgot about my project due for tomorrow in econ! Oh man! And I forgot my textbook! Oh no!!! This sucks, that means I gotta get to school early tomorrow and finish everything off...and since it's due by 10 a.m., I gotta get to school at 8 to do the frickin project! This sucks ass!

Anyways...just wanted to get that off my chest...otherwise, today has been a pretty good my math exam back, and it turns out that I did pretty frickin awesome, so that brightened my mood :-) Didn't get much studying done though...however, I did start to learn to play the guitar! And that's awesome!

Shar, Reuben, and I went to Angela's place for a while, so they decided that they'll teach me how to play the guitar! I surprised myself, because in all the other times I've tried to play the guitar, it always seemed like my hands were too small, and there was no one to really push me, so every time I gave up...but since there were people telling me how to play properly, and the fact that I didn't wanna look like an idiot in front of my friends, I was actually starting to learn! That's just awesome! Although it's still kinda hard to do power & long-reaching chords because of the small hands, but I think with practice I could get the hang of this! Now all I have to do is get myself a guitar...haha

Anyways, I should stop now before I go off in a rant or something...hehe

Until next time, I guess... :-)

--> As told through the mind of an Introverted Extrovert


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