Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Congradulations, David and Christina!

Yeah, I'm not liking the small font...doesn't make too much difference, plus it's harder to read...lol

So I went to my friend's wedding today, and oh man it was beautiful! It was autumn themed, so there were colourful leaves decorated everywhere, and it was in this really nice classical church with humongeous pipe organs and everything...it was beautiful!

[As an aside, "Five Iron Frenzy - It Was Beautiful" --> Great song ]

Anyways, because I had a wedding today, I had to skip my classes today...oooooh...although it isn't really as bad as I initially thought. I skipped MicroEconomics, a class that I have already taken before at BCIT; English, which is really just a fun waste of time anyways, so it's not like I'm really missing much; and Psychology, and that was only a midterm...what? skipped a midterm?? As it turns out, my psyc teacher said that I could take the exam later on in the week in the psyc lab! Was going to get it over with tomorrow, but then the Kwantlen Ultimate Society thing was scheduled for wed. afternoon...and I'd much rather play ultimate than do a midterm! haha...That does mean that the only other time I'll be able to take the test is on friday afternoon...which sucks, cause I could have been home, but this way at least I'll be able to get some more studying in, lol...

Hmm, wanted this post to be more about the marriage...kinda getting off topic there...

So, my friends David and Christina are the ones who got married today. Christina is from here, but David is Australian! Funny thing, David came to Canada for a year to work and travel and all that, but ended up finding a wife! Now that's just cool...

Anyways, what happened was that in the summer of last year, David started falling in love with Christina, but she was kinda hesitant...she knew that he was really serious about this relationship...but after a lot of convincing, Christina finally accepted and they officially started dating. Three months later, he proposed! Yeah, everyone thought it was really fast, but they really seem meant to be together...they look so perfect for each other...and today, exactly 1 year after they officially started dating, they got married! That's just beautiful!

And to top all this off, they're going on an extended honeymoon: first to Harrison Hot Springs, then to Florida, then to the Bahamas, then to Tahiti, and finally into David's homeland! Not only that, they're actually going to stay in Australia! That's amazing...it's still hard to believe that Christina's actually going to be leaving us...

There's going to be a huge gap in our church now that Christina's gone...but we'll see this through; the same thing happened when Darin left, as well as when Tess & Kyle left, so we'll manage to figure something out :-)

Congradulations, David and Christina! God Bless!

--> As told through the mind of an Introverted Extrovert


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