Sunday, October 31, 2004


Awesome party! I have to say, that party topped all other "formal" gatherings I have ever been to, by far...the roses/candles thing went pretty well for the most part, except the guy before me left before I could tap him on the shoulder, and the guy after me didn't tap my shoulder, but oh well...

For a good breakdown of the highlights, I'd like to refer you to Reuben's Blog (Sun, Oct 31, '04 post).

First things first, I was quite embarrassed when I first got on the dance floor. You see, everyone was just moving around, wimpy dancing and all that, so I decided to kick it up a notch and went crazy!, assuming that everyone would eventually join me...I was jumping around, flailing my appendages like a madman, laughing it up...however, nobody joined in, and I was left in the middle of the circle looking like a freakin' idiot, lol...
"YEAAHH! C'MON GUYS!! LETS GET CRAZY!!! ...Guys?! ......Anyone?! uh... C'MON!! YEAH!! Well that's just great..."

But I have to say, the absolute best part of the evening has gotta be when we started moshing to "Let's Get It Started" and "Jump"...and at this time, I would like to just take credit for starting the moshing :-) You see, what happened is that Ahmad had just requested Jump, so we were all getting pumped to Jump around, eh? But then the dj put on Lets Get It Started, so everyone decided to get all rowdy to it the first chorus, everyone had their hands in the air, jumping around and singing "LETS GET RETARDED IN HERE!", and earlier in the night I vaguely remember someone saying that we should start a mosh I thought to myself, "why not?", and started jumping into people! At first, everyone was like "What the hell is Justin doing?", but in the next chorus, everyone was slamming into each other and thus the mosh pit was born! Hilariously, Jump came out right after, so we continued to mosh to Jump! lol...good times...

Another thing I found hilarious was the fact that Jake and Mohsin were actually groovin' to the music! Hilarious, because of the weeks of having to listen to their whining about how they don't dance, and how horrible they are at dancing, and how they're going to spend their evening in the corner talking and drinking pop all night...however, the funniest part would be how quickly they turned around; they couldn't even last 10 minutes without having to shake their BOOTAY! hahaha...

I guess not all of the evening was such a riot, though...and Roger, I know this may not seem like much, but really, you weren't alone out there that night, eh? I feel your pain and all that... :-) I'm sure you still had a great time out there, eh?

And speaking of Roger, it's time to write down some of the many hilarious quotes that came out of his mouth that night: [I'm a computer], "Stop all the downloadin'!" --- "I don't open his mail!" --- "It's electric!" --- *sings savage garden with incredible intensity, holding his heart while falling into his chair* --- plus many, many others that I have failed to recollect...

So just to reiterate the point of this post, the party was AWESOME!!! Awesomeness, indeed! There were so many little things that made the party amazing, but of course none of this would've ever happened if it weren't for Angela! So once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELA!!!

Until the next time, I guess :-)

--> As told through the mind of an introverted extrovert.


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