Friday, April 27, 2007

Vancouver is BEAUTIFUL

Man, today was freakin' AWESOME. [[Summary at bottom]]

First off, Moe woke me up at 7am, 'cause he was coming over to get keys, and as such I practically ended up with like three hrs of sleep... I was gonna sleep another few hours after Moe got here, but yeah, talking ensued, etc etc... as such, I took a shower at 8ish, I had a bowl of cereal, and we left.

So we walked down to Home Hardware, he bought an umbrella (the dinky little one, instead of my pimpcane! haha), as well as got the keys. Then, walked back, made sure they worked, etc etc. So then Moe had the great idea of going out to eat, and I was like, hells yeah! [yes, I had cereal, but I think my avg. caloric intake over the past week was, like, 1500/day... so I ).

We ended up walking down to broadway, and ate at the world-famous Solly's Bagel/Jewish Deli place. I had a Reuben Eggel on Herb (egg+cheese+pastrami+herb bagel), while Moe had tuna sandwich w/ world-famous cinnamon bun (DELICIOUS). Then we were thirsty, so we went to Safeway for some chocolate milk. Heheh. We also ended up buying some groceries.

Yeah, living w/ Moe, I can forsee me spending WAAAAY more money than w/ Tim/Alan. Haha...

So yeah, walked back to my apartment. Was gonna sleep, but didn't really feel like it. So I decided to practice some of the songs I'm thinking of doing for Cafe Night II [[CRAP FORGOT TO INVITE PEOPLE, YOUS ALLS ARE COMING, RIGHT?? Cinqo de Mayo!] But yeah, needs a little work, but, DANG... I hope to impress even the most ardent of critics. Haha...

Then, as should probably be expected by now, my Uncle phoned me around 1:30pm, told me he was like a block away asked if I wanted to go out to eat. HELLS YES I can go for more food! Haha... but yeah, I walked to him and off we went.

First off, we went to Wicked Cafe, somewhere near 7th ave and granville. Apparently the owner/guy went to Switzerland to study coffee, or something. IT SHOWED. Man, super meticulous, and INCREDIBLE coffee. Even if I did have to douse it w/ 500 calories of sugar, heheh...

However, this Cafe didn't really have any FOOD food, so we then went to Seb's Cafe, which is near Broadway and Fraser. Lemme tell you guys, THIS PLACE IS AWESOME. Delicious everything at reasonable price, etc etc... I ended up getting the sweet chili wild salmon (DELICIOUS) while my uncle got mesclun salad. So yeah, very satisfying.

A Korean market/store place was nearby, so my uncle decided to stop by. THAT PLACE IS COOL YOU GUYS. Funky-awesome little store.

As we were driving back to my place, my uncle realized that we were pretty close to Western Front, the internationally renowned art gallery near Main and Broadway (and, like, RIGHT ACROSS FROM KIRSTEN'S PLACE, lol...). Although it's like a Flipbook festival, so nothing really Wow-worthy... ooo, moving pictures... haven't seen THAT before... lol... But yeah, still cool nevertheless.

Throughout all this time, as we parked somewhat far from the places we were going to, I ended up doing a lot of walking in the rain w/ my superawesome umbrella. And, I realized, VANCOUVER IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE. Even a neighbourhood notorious for break-ins w/ like bars on the window is BEAUTIFUL, lol. I even found myself loving Vancouver weather! Man, a functional umbrella really makes a difference too, lol...

Anyways, so my uncle drove me back to my apartment. Was thinking about sleeping, but after the caramel late from Wicked Cafe... wasn't gonna happen, heheh. So yeah, I ended up "practicing" again, and yeah, I'm getting pretty freakin' good, esp. in such a short time of practice! But yeah, as per the usual, am rushing quite a bit... I sooo needs me a metronome...

So here I am, 15 minutes of blogging later, it being quarter to 7 already, when I was supposed to be at church, like, 15 minutes ago. Oh well. I got pretty into my guitar/singing. ITS SO AWESOME TO BE ABLE TO ALMOST SOUND REALLY GOOD. Haha...

But yeah, church tonight. Gotta friggin get going now... missing that "class 101" thing... oh well, done it before... yadda yadda... WHY STILL I BLOG?? STOPTIME...


So, to summarize:

Early wakeup
Umbrella / Keys cut
Wicked Cafe
Seb's Cafe
Western Front
More "Practice"

So yeah, full day. Today was definitely one of the best days I've had in quite some time... too bad "study" wasn't on that list up there though, heheh... heh... heh, awww....

Until next time, I guess...


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best days? me too! hehe.

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