Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crams, Exams, and [omg] STREAKERS

So, spent the day cramming. And hanging out w/ Reuben, heh. But, studied enough to pull another half-decent mark outta my ass, so no worries.

I was watching the game at 6, but realized quickly that I HAD AN EXAM IN AN HOUR. Not to mention that I was in DLam, and the test was in OSBORNE.

[for those non-ubc'ers, it's about a 15 min walk...]

So yeah, quickly turned it off and supercrammed for the last few minutes.

Good thing about the exam though, they posted the score on the blackboard throughout the exam! SWEEET. It was like, oh man, 0-1, that sucks... WHOA, now it's 1-1, niiiiice... WHOA, WHAT, WE'RE MOVING ON!!! Holy crap, 4-1?! YOU KIDDING ME?!?!!

Of course, this was during exams so it was more like... "..." ...yeah. Heheh.

But at around 9 o'clock, a freaking STREAKER ran into the exam room! He was all, "YEAH, CANUCKS WON!! We're going STREAKING!!! C'MON, LETS GO!! ...no? THAT'S ALRIGHT!!! GO CANUCKS GO!!!"

lol, I've never seen that before, streaker during exams... and, due to some strategically-placed students blocking the view, I hopefully never will... HAHA...

Anyways, I'm gonna finish my cbc-archived video of the game, then call it a night.

I still gots me an exam tomorrow night... crud... but yeah, GO FREAKIN' CANUCKS GO!!!

[Edit: HOLYCRAP, just finished watching the game, that was freakin' INCREDIBLE!!! I mean, DANG, I already knew the score, and I was still rivited! NIIIICE!!!

...was it worth staying up 'til 2am, when I've only had 4.5 hrs of sleep the night before, and have an exam tomorrow? Only time will tell... man, not much time left either... but no, sleep now. YEAH CANUCKS!!!]


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