Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Can almost see the light...

Test in, oh, 7 hours.

If I get cracking, I might be able to pull of a half-decent mark.

I don't think I care much for grade anymore. That kinda sucks for me...

What really sucks though, is that come to think of it, I did WAY too much this semester. You know, what with a job, 6 classes with the same amount of hrs/week as 7 classes, tons of praise team practice, tons of co-op related stuff, etc etc. But what REALLY sucks is that, despite this apparent lack of free time, I continually WASTED every single moment of "free" time that I had.

Although, in my defence, the first few weeks of this semester, I was ROCKIN'. And then crap flung up again, and I got horribly disfigured for a few weeks, and then I focused on Cafe Night... and then it was midterms. By that time, I was, like, CRAP, should've studied more... and then I got my marks back. FRICKIN' OVERACHIEVED LIKE NEVER BEFORE! I mean, after getting those marks, it was, like, why bother trying anymore... I don't deserve all this... and as such, I found ways to saboutage myself.

For example, right now. My horrid 4-exams-in-3-days experience is almost complete, and yet the class which needs the most studying, BY FAR, is Tax, which is my exam tonight... and here I am, ranting away on this blog... My exam's in only 6 hrs... I don't think I can pull a decent mark outta my ass the same way I did in the midterm... you know, where the 3 weeks of semi-hardcore studying actually paid off... yikes...

Okay... now I'm starting to get the fear... AWESOME... stop blog NOW.

[Edit - WTF, THE GAME IS TONIGHT?!?!?! I thought it was on Thursday... crap dammit... stupid exams... oh well, hopefully another streaker runs into the exam, haha... but yeah, GO CANUCKS GO!!!]


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