Monday, April 23, 2007

1 Down, 4 To Go...

Exam was a bust. Forgot legions of information. Hopefully pulled off a 70-ish, but I'm not holding my breath.

Exam later tonight, Commercial Law, 7-10... or, 7-9:30? I don't know. But yeah, haven't studied, will start now.

Mom getting me Timmy Hos for lunch, she says. Okay.

Oh, phoned in exam, co-op office, turns out I have interview tomorrow. NOPE, gots me exams. Earliest is Thursday. I don't think they're very pleased. I might not have a co-op job in the summer... crap dammit...

...oh hey, as it turns out, Henri doesn't have a job either, apparently. This sucks man, he's crazy good, and cool guy etc... tough competition...

Anyways, enough of this, studytime is now!

[Edit: As it turns out, I don't HAVE to have a job until the last week of May (or 13 weeks, 455 hrs total), so yeah, I have time... phew... sigh... onomatopoeia...]


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