Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No Sleep

I didn't sleep yet. Well, if you don't count the few minutes here and there.

I've still gots me an essay/report thing to finish. It's due in 12 hours.

I'm contemplating either a) sleeping now, and then supercram the essay writing when I wake up, or b) staying up now, finishing off the essay (or as much as I can), then sleep.

As I'm practically fallen asleep now, going on like 40+ hrs awake, probably sleep is best....

In other news, as far as free coffee goes, the Commerce Lounge french vanilla was rather enjoyable. And kept me up enough to sit through court.

Speaking of court, MAN, that was so intriguing... at first, I didn't know what's going on, so for like 20 mins I was like, yeah, officer took a report, okay... but then the defence counsel was all "and did you notice the cocaine at that time?", and I was like WHAAA??!? As it turns out, it was about a couple cocaine smugglers! And then the defence counsel was all reaming out the arresting officer, and it was, like, RIVETING. I wouldn't mind going to another court case, you know, just for fun. I mean, it's only like a 5 min busride from my apartment, lol...

Today was nice, super sunny. And I spoke to a female colleague of mine, without any weird hesistations and what not. Or perhaps it was the lack of sleep... remember, lacking sleep is roughly my equivalent of drunkenness (in terms of the liquid confidence aspect), so yeah.

I rambly cause I sleepish.


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