Thursday, October 19, 2006

Variations on a Theme

Today's midterm was remarkably easy. Well, numbers wise, yes. But there was a whole bunch of dinky wording questions, of which I never get... 'cause, you know, of the not studying bit... but eh, I do believe I did fairly well.

Alls I got left is my marketing project, my philosophy paper, and my marketing exam. All of which are by far the hardest of all the things I have to do this midterm season. Especially stupid marketing exam, of which I planned on doing half of tonight, but instead, I end up doing nothing 'til 1:15, and I haven't even printed out the case the project is based on, let alone read all seven pages worth... so, yeah. Screwed am I. But, due on friday at noon, I'll get it done... only worth 10% anyways...

Phil paper I'm a little more worried, it being 30% an' all... First off, 'cause I never do the readings, I'll have to superread for sources etc. And it's not like papers are my strong suit, as loyal readers can remember from the past 2 years... And then there's the stupid marketing exam. Haven't even begun to start studying for it. And considering I never read, nor understand anything that's going on during class (of which is not even stuff on midterm, 90% of the time), it's gonna be all super difficult cramworthy... but hey, perhaps this will be the weekend of weekends of which I'll finally get things done. Start off on my paper, find sources, and get everything set up. And get through 3-4 chapters of marketing also. No wasted weekend for me...

But I forgot something: THIS WEEKEND IS SEEDS!!! Ohhhh my goodnesss... this has ridiculously increased my stress level.

SEEDS is this apparently super-important event happening at my church, with workshops etc, on how to start up a church. As in, where a church didn't exist before. There's like a bunch of important people coming, like presidents of the conference, and the north american something or other, so yeah, big deal... and as it's a 3-day CHURCH event, there's going to be a praise team needed. Meaning, I'll be playing drums friday night, sabbath morning, saturday night, AND sunday afternoon. So, yeah. There goes my superhomework weekend...

That being said, it's not like I'm making a particularly good use of my time as it is. One thirty, and alls I've done is print out the case. And I just realized I gotta print out my other stupid notes... dag nabbit, this stinks...

Lets do another itinerary. Keeps me aware of things:

2-7:30am - Sleep
7:30-10am - Morning ritual, commuting.
10am - 4pm - Class
4-5pm - Look at Case examples in DLam.
5-7pm - Commute home, dinner, etc.
7pm-3am - Work on marketing project.
3-8am - Sleep
8-11am - Finish marketing project.
11-11:55am - Commute, hand in project.
12pm-5pm - Sleep/relax/walk-if-nice-out/RESEARCH FOR PAPER/STUDY MARKETING.
5-6pm - Commute to church, etc etc.
6-7pm - Rehearsal for SEEDS.
7pm-lateness - Drumming for SEEDS.

This kinda sucks.

I need sleep.

Until next time, I guess...


Blogger andrew said...

Couldn't you just do the drumming Friday, then not Sat/Sun?

9:50 p.m.  

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