Sunday, June 04, 2006


Yeah, camping was crazy awesome. Some examples of the awesome:

- Driving in Andrew's car, w/ Kris & Mohsin. I was piled under craploads of bags. Andrew could only see my hair, lol.
- Friday night walk into town w/ Andrew. Also w/ Kris, but he went back before we did. Good times, good talks w/ Andrew. Hilarious excerpt: Dared Andrew to jump into the lake --> "Oh god, a car! I'm hideous!" Then hiding behind a bush for a few minutes. LOL!
- Saturday morning breakfast = delicious. Although, nothing comparable to that Man's breakfast, or whatever that contraption was last year. Heheh.
- Swimming in the lake, throwing around the disc, then throwing around the football. SO AWESOME!
- Climbed a frickin' mountain /w Andrew. First, walk through crazy brush w/ cacti that sticks into your leg, then hike/climbing up the mountain, then more climbing than anything else. But DANG that was high up. Although, right at the end it became a friggin' cliff (for all intents and purposes), and we were afraid of falling to our collective dooms. So, unfortunately, we didn't make it to the top. But I don't really freakin' care, that was crazy difficult. Also, nice views. Although I did realize that I'm not terribly amazed by awesome views. At least when I'm parched, heheh. But yeah, awesomeness indeed. Although, for next time, I shall definately bring shoes that actually grip the rockface!
- Crazy Kris w/ his campfire. Heheh.
- Saturday night walk into town, this time w/ Rob and Mo joining the party, although it was rather short and only to the DQ. The DQ was actually still open at this time, around 11:30, so we stopped and ate there. It was rather delicious, I got a butterscotch dipped cone and a blue-raspberry arctic rush. YUM. Also, I wonder if Moe's gonna put the vid of Andrew and Kris onto youtube, lol... man, I hope there was enough light, 'cause I really wanna see that again...
- Sunday now, pitch and putt. Did rather well, at least up until I screwed everything up, lol... ended up pretty good though, only +9 I think, so whatever. Still was awesome fun!
- Ride back, there is of course one stop which you must always go to: TICKLEBERRY'S! Oh yes, crazy delicious ice cream candy shop store thingy. Sooo delicious, and relatively cheap to boot. Sooo good.

So yes, camping was awesome, and boo to those who couldn't make it for whatever reason. However, to make sure that these people are not to distraught with regret over not going, here are some of the unfortunate side effects of such a trip (at least, that happened to me):

- Sunburn
- Sickness (due to weakened immune system, I'd imagine)
- Allergies
- Mosquito bites
- Bug bite, most likely by an ant, on the bottom of my foot, creating a huge itchy lump. SOO ANNOYING!

But yeah, so worth it, haha. All I gots ta say is, can't wait 'til friggin next year you guys! And yes Andrew, we will end up climbing that mountain!

Until next time, I guess...


Blogger Vikitty said...

Ant bites are itchy? Or are you just allergic to ant bites?

Tickleberry's is delicious... sure it's cheap but they give you SO much... I couldn't finish mine last time. XD

12:48 a.m.  
Blogger bj_nitsuj said...

Well, I'm not certain it's an ant bite, but I wouldn't be surprised if I was allergic to ant bites...

Actually, I'm thinking there's a good chance that it's from a needle from one of the cactii I stepped on, 'cause those little buggers go right through your shoes...

11:06 a.m.  

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