Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I guess that wasn't a Bb

Man, days like today take awesome to a whole new level. Lets count the ways of awesomeness:

1) Got to sleep in 'til 11am, due to my lack of working (which at first was a bummer, but hey, sleep = awesome).

2) Purchased Heroes V. And let me tell you, AWESOME!!! Holy crap I've been waiting so long for another Heroes game which actually reminds me of a heroes game... and as an added bonus, crazy

3) The general laid back feeling of today. Man, having no responsibilities feels awesome. Well, there are a few responsibilities I could think of (including practicing as to not sound/look like an ass on the 16th), but those were quickly dealt with. Mannnnn, so awesome...

4) ULTIMATE! Yeah, ultimate tuesday truly is awesome. And Andrew, being the crazy person that he is, decided to bike to UBC fields (where we played today) and hence I carpooled w/ a bunch of old highschool buddies I barely hang out with anymore. So awesome. Oh, and also awesome, back to our winning ways! And, oh man, one more awesome? Yes! I'm actually feeling tons more comfortable out there, i.e. able to run around without toppling over in exhaustion! Sooo nice...

5) Bubble Tea (LA!). Yeah, after ultimate, some of us went to bubble tea, L&G at 41st and Granville. And you know what flavour I got? Freaking JACK FRUIT!!! Holy crap, they actually make jack fruit bubble teas?! SOOO AWESOME!!! For those of you who aren't Phillipino, there's this awesome flip candy made from jack fruit that I always had when I was like 8, and man it was so delicious... I haven't had this candy in like a decade or so! So when I saw jack fruit, I was all, HOLY CRAP! And maaannnnnnn, so delicious! Like sipping on pure nostalgia right there...

6) Sushi! Yeah, during bubble tea, gots me a call from Mohsin/Kris, saying if I wanted to go for sushi. My answer was an obvious YES! Haha... by this time it was like well past 10pm, heheh, but late night sushi = great (esp. when not eaten dinner). So, yeah, Kris Mohsin Scott (who I met at Kris' b-day sushi) went to Kisha Poppo in Ironwood. Sushi = awesome. Hanging out also = awesome. So nice.

7) AMERICA! [explitive] YEAH! ...yup! That's right, watched Team America again at Scott's house after sushi. Such an awesome movie! Hahaha... even if Scott and Mohsin fell asleep due to the gorging and past-1am-iness of it all. Heheh. But yeah, awesomeness continued to flow.

8) Freaking UFC 60! I friggin forgot it was on this weekend, so I was all, DOWNLOAD! And man, halfway through the show (including one non-televised event), DAMN the UFC is beyond awesome, not like crappy talk-for-half-an-hour-then-end-matches-with-run-ins wrestling... and man, there's some crazy match ups so far... and holy crap, I'm not even on the main even Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie! Damn, that's gonna be a kickass match! For the uninitiated, Royce (pronounced Hoise) is an old-school UFC fighter who's skinny 170lb self defeated freaking everybody with his crazy brazilian jujitsu, which was absolutely unheard of before he came to UFC, and practically dismantled and destroyed everybody he came across, including the big names like Dan Severn and Kimo and Ken Shamrock. Living legend right there. Now, Matt Hughes, all he is is the most dominant welterweight ever in the history of the UFC, with a 40-4 record, heheh... the match is basically set up as an old guard vs. new guard setting, where the old single-style focus of UFC fighters takes on the crazy well-rounded awesome fighters of today. So, yeah, tons of awesome sure to be had!

...and yeah. That's why today was awesome. And by today, I mean tuesday. Heheh, it's nearly 6am, and I'm not quite tired yet, lol... therefore, time for me to finish watching UFC 60! [hopefully I don't have to work, hehe...]

Until next time, I guess...


Blogger Gautam said...

Yeah, Heroes V kicks ass, alright. I am currently on the 4th mission on the 2nd campaign. The last mission was insanely hard to beat. But alas, I spent 8 straight hours and got it done, yay me.
You'll eventually figure out what I am talking about. Great game, though.

2:06 p.m.  
Blogger Rohbit said...

Royce lost. That's too bad.

11:09 p.m.  
Blogger bj_nitsuj said...

That is true. But I could see that coming... and dang, he almost lost by submission too, but got out of it... that's just crazy...

And honestly, that was the most boring match of the whole tournament, with all the hype built up around it, and what not. Every other fight, AWESOME.

12:29 a.m.  

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