Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey, it's mother's day today!

My sisters and I treated my Mom to sunday brunch at the buffet at River Rock (Runway 26, I think?), and DANG was it ever busy. Had to wait for three hours! It was like an hour waiting in line to get that buzzer thingy, then another two hours waiting 'til the buzzer went off. Now that was quite annoying... although, mother's day is supposedly their busiest day of the year, heheh. Now that's just great.

Although, food was DELICIOUS! Man that was yummy... and oddly enough, best omelete EVER! Sooo good... worth the wait? Well, maybe not, but it's awfully close... actually, yeah, worth the wait. It was nice relaxing and such.

Anyways, wasted the rest of the day on unimportant wanderings. Although I did end up preordering Heroes V today (finally!), so at least I did something that I wanted to get done this weekend. [Although, it's not like I'm gonna be able to frickin' play the game once I get it, stupid non-recent home computers...]

Man, I still can't believe how busy my weekdays are this summer, what with Hapkido mon/wed, ultimate tues, band thurs (or wed now?), and church practice on friday. And weekends usually get booked up rather quickly as it is also. Heheh. But busy = awesome, so I'm not complaining.

Also, I heard that herring season is over on wednesday, a good month or whatever earlier than last year. Meaning, I could be out of a job much sooner than expected. My goodness, early break is cool, but no money isn't... then again, I've been working groundfish somewhat regularly, which is apparently year round, so perhaps no break for me, heheh...

Oh, and apparently my sister didn't know that she was on the Dean's List, as she didn't know that it's under the "sessional grade report" thing at UBC. Heheh, that's pretty cool. Funny thing, the name's different for each faculty; for example, in my faculty, it's Dean's Honour Roll. Heheh, it's like highschool again...

And speaking of school, congrats to Mohsin for getting into freakin' UBC! Awesome! And after all that downplaying UBC, and the whole "SFU's closer" etc excuses he was flinging about, all unnecessary! So yeah, good job Mohsin!

Until next time, I guess...


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