Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cool Summer

This summer seems to be shaping up to be one of the best. What with work, band, ultimate, hapkido, etc etc... I can't freakin' wait for everything to start!

I just gotta get this danged paper out of the way... prof said I had 'til friday to hand it in... although, I've got no time to do it on friday, and I'm working as of tomorrow, so basically I gotta finish it by tonight... meh, I say. However, this time I've gotta start relatively earlier, as I'm working at 7:30am tomorrow, meaning I gotta wake up at at least 6:30, meaning I gotta sleep at least by 4, meaning I have limited time if I were to start as usual at 1:30am, meaning I'm somewhat screwed, meaning...

Heheh, starting to ramble already, and it's not even five...

Anyways, point is, next week looks to be the best week of the entire year, with craploads of events planned out. And as a bonus, it's my freakin' birthday next Tuesday! Awesome! Although, no parties seem to be in the works this year, but oh well.

Until next time, I guess...

[Edit, 12:38am - Yeah, my brain's not functioning well enough to work on my paper tonight. Not good, not good... tomorrow = work, then band, then allnighter w/ paper (just making it coherent, nothing fancy). I figure, if I get a 60% on this paper, which is quite the long shot, I'll be alright. But as my sister said, it's gonna kill my GPA... gonna drop by at least 3%, yikes...]


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