Thursday, May 11, 2006

Birthday Dinner

Birthday dinner, Saturday night, around 8 or 9-ish...

Here's a couple choices (in Richmond, 'cause driving = expensive!):

Pisano's - Italian Restaurant, delicious food, somewhat pricy
Mongolie Grill - Uh, mongolian restaurant? Never been, Reuben says it's cool, I'm interested in going.
Quilon - Indian Restaurant, sooo good, but group order = annoying, apparently?
Kisamos - Greek Restaurant, so yummy! But fairly cramped and busy...
Various Sushi Restaurants, if all you can eat sushi is to everyone's liking
Various "North American Cuisine" restaurants, but as with BP, we always go there...

Anyone have a preference? I shall be deciding tomorrow, so tells me!

And, for that matter, if you're coming, let me know!

Also, feel free to pass the word along about birthday dinner thing. More = merrier, and such!

(Sorry guys for the last-minute-ness of my dis-organization of my Birthday Dinner. Been kinda busy... and tired. Oh so very tired. Worked 11 hrs today. Shoveling ice, among other things. Yup.)

Until next time, I guess...


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