Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Quick Quick

Can't wait for wed. night. All major exams/projects/etc finished. Hopefully, have gotten a few hours of sleep, heheh.

But for now, class. Then, fooding. Then, 2hrs of study. Then, 20mins of anxiety before the exam. THEN, exam. And then, bus home. And then, eat/shower/etc. And then, probably chat online for a couple hours. And THEN, start allnighter for phil paper. Etc etc.

Don't read the above. Makes no sense. Relaxed me a bit, though.

That's alls I gotta say for now.

Edit, 10mins before exam - I'm only writing to calm myself down. Getting a little antsy. I despise Marketing. It's a load of BS, and I do not enjoy BS exams. That is all.

Edit, 1:30am - Exam was so-so. Don't think I did well, but whatever. Still haven't started on my paper. Thinking extension. Or rather, thinking I'll sleep on that decision, all of a few hours most likely. You know, 'cause it'd be superlastminute-extension, and I already extended my midterm, and it'd be superhorrible of me to continue this trend... is so bad am I doings.

And now, onto Augustine's theory of the origin of evil... wish I knew what it was, would save me a couple hours right there...


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