Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Me Again

To avoid the risk of being redundant, I thought it might be more prudent to just put up the following:

[Edit - 5:45am - I got one assignment done and realized it was pointless, time for 4 extensions...huzzah!]

But replace "5:45am" with noon. Also, the exclamation at the end seems kinda empty. Oh, and add in some point about sleeping in when I shouldn't have. And something about how I'd rather take a penalty than work harder. And something about how I despise papers, even ones that are supposed to be easy.

But other than that, it's pretty much bang-on.

I find myself awash in a sea of despondency.

[edit - holy crap, now I can't even work on my paper even if I wanted to. Stupid loudness of my house. I need to move out this weekend, and will probably do so. Also, I need to freaking buy myself a laptop still, also probably this weekend. Or monday. Or a week from now. Or maybe never. But whatever, at least I'm looking forward to hanging out tonight, hopefully returning to a weekly occurrence... but with my future lack of automobile, that's also in jeopardy... which is why I'll be going out tonight instead of paper writing, heheh... I do believe that I stopped caring about school very much. Plus, it's not like I don't have excuses to future employers about my drop in grades, esp. if I tell them I realized that I had to move out. But, I wish I'd have instead shown more resolve in the face of adversity, as, you know, that's kinda what employers like to see... well, that, and the whole doing it for myself aspect...

Crap dangit, now I get my writing fingers going, right as I am about to leave for school... stupid everything...

Still hearing too much crap in my house. Gotta get out, preferrably sooner the better...]


Blogger Gautam said...

wait. You're moving out on your own? or with the rest of the family?

1:42 p.m.  
Anonymous Nits the Guy Too Lazy to Sign In said...

To Vancouver, for a couple months, w/ a couple friends. Alan's in the pool (IcelanD). So yeah, not w/ family.

And sorry for not noticing this earlier, heheh...

3:31 a.m.  

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