Sunday, September 24, 2006


My goodness, went to the Giants game tonight... HOLY CRAP, BEST GAME EVER!!!!! If you haven't heard already, the giants blew out the Portland Winterhawks 9-0!!! And what was even cooler?? FRONT ROW TICKETS!!! I was banging on the freaking glass for every single goal! And 6 goals were scored in the 2nd period, practically right in front of me! AWESOME!!!

Other things happened today, but this was just ridiculously amazing; trumps it all, heheh. Sooooo awesome... I so freaking wanna go again! And, I mean, for like $20, SOOOO worth it!

Heheh, my marks are so gonna drop...

Until next time, I guess...


Blogger Jamieson said...

I was there too!

We were in section B, row 11. So we were on the opposite side as you.

5:32 a.m.  

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