Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Woo Ultimate!

Sadly, this is the last day of Ultimate for the summer... but you know that means; PLAYOFFS!

First game was the semi-finals against Funky Walker Dirty Talker, then if we won, we play in the finals!

But yeah... first of all, I gotta say... I'm starting to hate my job... standing for 9+ hrs a day... making my muscles all stiff...

I PULLED MY FREAKING GROIN BEFORE THE GAME EVEN STARTED!!! You can't believe how friggin' annoying that is... to go all summer, gradually getting better and better, then finally at the end of the year getting to the point where I could actually contribute to the team, then BAM I pull my groin while tossing the disc around. WTF?!?!?! Stupid freakin' everything...

Although, I did end up playing a couple points. First point was in the semi's, while we were already up 10-3. My groin was still freaking sore, but I thought hey, the lead's way high enough for me to lose a point for the team... I just had to play, heheh... so yeah, I got on, and I found out quickly that I was sucking. I mean, I was only playing at like 30%!!! I mean, my thing in ultimate is that I'm super fast, relatively speaking, and not being able to do that... SO FREAKING ANNOYING!!! Pissed me off so much... but, I did what I could, slacked off on offence, burned it up on defence when needed... I actually had a couple of knockdowns, which was nice, and one diving D block... so that was cool... but man, I know what I could've done... but yeah, anyways, that point ended up being a freaking marathon! It lasted for like, 10-15 minutes... believe me, that's a LONG time for a point... and here I was, all gimped up, running around trying to keep up... I just wanted that point to end, but everytime either team got close to the end zone, they choked and thus the point kept on going... but yeah, burned it up on D, slacked the heck off on O... as it turned out, we ended up giving them the point, someone got beat in the end zone... but yeah, just glad it was over... I mean, by then it was only 10-4, so the game was already pretty much out of hand anyways... ended up winning 13-4, so yeah, off to the finals were we!

So yeah, Tuesday Tier 2 Ultimate Final vs. Deep Throw't! Started past 8 though, so had to be shortened (due to lack of sunlight), but no matter. Last game of the summer! Woo! This team ended up being quite a bit more challenge, at least at first... lost the first point, but we picked it up after that... anyways, the score was something like 8-2, and it was already quarter to 9, so I was like screw my groin, I'm gonna play in the finals! So, I got on, ran around a bit, found a hole and caught the disc, passed it back, and ran decoy/backup... then we caught the disc in the endzone, got the point, and won the game. Woo, we're champions! And yes, I ended up playing in the final game of the year, hooray for me!

So here's to Bad Touch, Tuesday Tier 2 Ultimate Champions!!! HOORAY FOR US!!!

Until next time, I guess...

p.s. - Oh, and haha, sexual innuendos with the groin pull, so funny... get over it guys... it's just an upper leg strain... and it's not funny to me, stupid lack of being at 100%...

p.p.s. - We used to be in Tier 1, but due to injuries/laziness and/or sucking in June, we dropped down to Tier 2 for July and consequently august/playoffs were Tier 2. But no matter, we da wienars!!


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