Friday, August 18, 2006


Today was alright, at work I was in brightstacking, meaning I was working w/ the cooked cans instead of the raw stuff, so that was nice. Although, brighstacking means no overtime, however, canning stopped at like 1pm, so there was no overtime anyways! So yeah, awesomeness at work!

So, I then had pretty much the afternoon to myself... meaning, finally able to phone for the warranty for my mp3 player (yes, my MicroPhoto, heheh...). I figured, I've got 'til 6, I have some time... so I took a shower, ate some food, youtube'd it up a bit... then, about 5 minutes ago (about 5:40), I figured I might as well do the warranty thing, as it was getting close to 6...

I phone... "thank you for calling the creative blah blah blah... we're sorry that we are now closed. Our normal business times are mon-fri, from 9am-6pm, central time."

...WTF?!?!?! Holy freaking crap, how annoying is THAT! ...GAAAHH!!!

But, oh well, whatcha gonna do... I still have until the 23rd, as that would be 90 days after purchase... oh, plus hopefully, if it's a hardware issue, then a year... but I'm not risking it... stupid creative... but, yeah, stupid procrastinatory Justin...

What a freakin' week...


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