Monday, September 19, 2005

Things to do:

Things I must do before midnight:

1) Do online quiz for my accounting class.
2) E-mail contacts for various school-type functions and/or activities
3) Print out notes for Econ
4) Start Quant. hw

Chances of making the deadline - 27% (now 15%, since blogging took too long)

Things I have to do before/by Wednesday:

1) Accounting Homework
2) Quantitative Analysis Homework (much harder actually)
3) Extend Hapkido lessons (i.e. pay the man)
4) Organize binder, gather supplies, etc.
5) Start reading textbooks.

Chances of success - 72%

Things to get done eventually:

1) Write explications of songs I like.
2) Finish watching Smallville episodes I started in the summer.
3) Swim.
4) Going in my backyard. Any reason would suffice.
5) Get my yellow belt.
6) Get a part time job.
7) Find a routine that isn't as draining as my current sleep at 2 wake up at 7 deally.
8) [Edit] Organize music on my comp. I've been putting this off for years.
9) [Edit #2] Gather old notes of classes I'm retaking.

Chances of success - 54%

It's just so much easier when everything is right in front of me like this. I'm sure I've missed something. Also, I nearly forgot about my 290 (quant) hw for a bit there...that would've sucked...

But man, I really wanna write, something non-academic (or, at least not forced). Also, ever since my sister got into sudoku, I've been starting to get hooked; first actual one today. According to metro, I'm a scholar. What a joke...

Until next time, I guess...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out and play multi-user sudoku puzzle with your friends!

2:32 a.m.  

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