Tuesday, September 06, 2005

LONG day...

My goodness...I'm so very tired...so must be quick synopsis...

Woke up early, picked up mom, was dropped off at ubc at quarter to 8
Read book for half an hour, wandered, signed up at quarter to 9
Many many group and seminar-type stuff, boring, but free lunch (even if yucky veggie sub)
Saw part of Rallycar, man they're amazingly good...
Met Jamieson and Mark and Adrien
Bus to Mcdonalds, I didn't buy.
Jamieson Mark and I went to Kwantlen, but nobody there
Mark taught us Cribbage, very very fun game, played for a few hours
People came
Ended up eating w/ Kris Mohsin & Goon @ Lansdowne
Superpet w/ Kris & Mohsin, then Cindy & Shar came along
Pool with the girls
Student loan crap

Such an amazing day, but my goodness I'm so tired...no more 3hr sleeps for me...

Until next time, I guess...

--> Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


Blogger Rohbit said...

Just wait...

UBC will destroy your spirit..

But the prospect of Hot asian chicks means that it most likely won't...

I want to be in commerce :(..

11:42 a.m.  

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