Monday, March 10, 2008


I don't know why I always write crap in my cover letters, and never bother to double check them before submission.

Looking back at what I just sent... wow. I mean, it's so horrible that I'm actually embarrassed.

Well, I would be if I cared. It's more annoying than anything else. Especially when thinking that this would've been a perfect job.


Actually, I've got a question for you guys. Since my early days of blogging, has my writing become progressively worse? I mean, I was a decent writer before, now it seems like I suck horribly...

Oh well. I don't care anymore.


Blogger Reuben said...

The main difference is that you stopped writing essays which we mostly ignored because they were just too damn large!

I can't tell a difference between your old and new stuff, but I'd have to go back and read it.

I know I've gotten better at writing as a result of my blog.

12:11 p.m.  
Blogger Gautam said...

I've definitely gotten less derogatory in my writing. But I agree with Reuben; I rarely read your 5 page essays, so I can't really say.

7:42 p.m.  
Blogger bj_nitsuj said...

Eh, the essays were just "for posterity" anyways, wasn't expecting you guys to read 'em.

I had to confront a (former) group member today, and as such sent an e-mail to the prof. HOLY CRAP THAT TOOK SO LONG. I wanted to ensure that I didn't sound like an idiot. Which is what my writing is becoming more and more like...

I mean, damn, I always thought I was good at math, but I ended up with a higher English provincial grade than Math provincial grade... I have no idea where I went wrong to now suck so bad at writing...

1:17 a.m.  

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