Monday, February 04, 2008

Yeah! [...]

My laptop speakers are working again!


And now I can watch movies w/o having things jammed into my ear... and, more importantly, others can watch with me...

[[Edit, Tues. 11:07am:

Soo... speakers are broken again... I mean, what the crap, annoying...

But yeah, oh well... I'm not about to send it in for a couple weeks just to get this fixed, esp. considering others who had the same problem said it happened again even after it went to the shop... oh well...

In other news, I've got a psyc midterm in about an hour, in which I have hardly studied for at all. As in, I just glanced at my lecture slides. I'm hoping that my memory holds up during this mainly MC test. I usually Ace MC tests. I'm not too worried. Maybe I should be. ...maybe I am, lol. I mean, I am rambling nonsensically on my blog... it kinda feels like old times, haha.

But no more. Study study cram cram... chitty bang style... heh...]]


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