Tuesday, January 29, 2008


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Jan 28, 2008 7:47:50 PM
Re: My Thoughts on this whole Harbinger issue
Nitsguy Wrote:
I was thinking about making a post in a forum thread, but the arguments for and against have pretty much been exhausted, and there's no point in restating everything again. Instead, I thought I would state my feelings on this whole issue directly.

But I ran out of space, heheh.

I did post it on my blog, so please, if you'd like to hear my thoughts about all this, check it out.


Thanks for listening HawkFain, and thanks for the communication with the community, it's very much appreciated.

Justin G. Beaudry
a.k.a. Nitsguy

I agree with the bit about limited being clearly defined; more on this later. But thanks for the message.



So basically I might have singlehandedly created a PoxNora policy, clarifying what needed to be clarified. Also, keep in mind that HawkFain is basically the #1 community relations guy at PoxNora. That's pretty cool.

Too bad I'm not playing the game anymore. But not because of anything written above, strangely enough.


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