Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just barely...

I just figured out that my power cord barely, JUST barely reaches the area where I'm able to get steady internet.

In the immortal words of Adam Sandler, information that could've been brought to my attention YESTERDAY! Or, I guess, a few weeks ago more likely...

And yeah that's not the exact quote, so sue me...


I realized that being attracted to someone w/o actually falling for them is COMPLETELY different that what I'm used to. Here's one not-really-indicative example:

With enamour: I say something weird, and get all freaked out, and get super paranoid that she thinks I'm creepy-weird, but then start to think that she might've, could've thought that it was kinda sweet, and kinda think it's not so creepy-weird, and start to think that it really wasn't weird at all, and that she could possible like me even more because of this odd statement! [deranged thinking, I know...]

Without enamour: I say something weird, and assume that she thinks it's weird. And perhaps somewhat creepy, I don't know. I don't really know her that well yet. But she doesn't really know me yet either, so perhaps she's willing to overlook the weirdness, and chalk it up nervousness or whatever.

...remember, this was a not-really-indicative example, lol. Sounds exactly the same on paper, i.e. say something weird = possibly endearing, but in my head, completely different animal!

Perhaps I'm just projecting how I see the world upon everything else. Every-ONE else. Why I make this error I do not why... and I could EASILY write like, five hundred words on possibly why alone, given the state I'm in now...

Yes, it's past 2am. Yes, I've got a presentation in 8 hrs. Yes, I've got an assignment due at 4pm, that was technically due over a week ago.

And yes, that's not gonna stop me from procrastinating...

*** will, however, stop me from blogging.

See, this is why I kinda wouldn't mind a forceable "fast" from blogging. I mean, I could easily do it if I set my mind on it...

I mean, I gave up pork rather easily, imo. Still the best-tasting meat by far, and yet I still avoid it quite easily.

And now I don't feel like blogging anymore.

So I stop.


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