Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nice Day

Today was remarkably productive.

Woke up a little past 7am, got to school around 8ish, and surprisingly enough, I actually hunkered down and finished my project! WOW!

...okay, it took a couple hours to really get going, but once I got going, finished within an hour! Yeah... why I didn't do this, say, three weeks ago, I'm not sure... something holding me back, I guess. Heh.

Also, handing it in to the TA, and talking with the guy for a bit... BIG ego boost. Basically told me that I was far beyond the other students, and that the course was based on creating a mental framework, and that it took the other students 6-7 times longer for them to understand it as I had, and that my talents are wasted in business (of which I agreed with him, heh...).

He also said that if it weren't for this lateness, I had the possibility of getting 100% in that class. Told me I was that good. ....WOW. Haha. But he then said that I'd probably end up with 50% for the paper... fully deserve that, but, it got me thinking... 50% of 30% is still 15%... and assuming that I DID have 100% going in, that's like, still an overall grade of 85%... plus, he said he's going to scale the grade up b/c he marked the reports pretty hard... soo... yeah. To pull this crap, and still have the possibility of coming away with an A+?? That's not fair...

...okay, I'll probably end up with like an A- or something, but still... I think I'm kind of a bad person... ....

Again, as Charissa suggested, why don't I just try hard, and get really good grade, and feel like I actually deserved these good grades?? You see, I'm asking this question more and more lately... and yet, I put less and less effort into school. I don't know if business is right for me... ...but, I'll see how this co-op thing turns out.

Speaking of co-op, went to another interview today. Tech Cominco. Went to their downtown office (DANG it's sooo snazzy!), and took the interview. The job sounds fairly interesting, doing all this accounting stuff (apparently a big staff is 25, which is how many they have, haha...), so yeah, I'd be helping out projects and stuff. If I get it. Then again, though, I've kinda been slacking on interviews, and I barely researched the company this time. I think he kinda caught me on it. Whoops. But yeah, I seemed personable. That's all I really want to come across. And hopefully I won't have to go to, say, Toronto/Montreal/Sechelt to get a job. That'd kinda suck... summer in Vancouver, esp. living at Kits... soo nice...

Speaking of Kits, when I got back to my place, the guys were just about to go to the beach, so I quickly changed and came with. Heheh, being 5 mins away from Kits beach ROCKS. Hahaha...

Anyways, here I am, blogging away, potatoes in the oven, relaxing it up before I work my final shift at Safeway. It's gonna be weird not working there anymore, although as I've only been working one shift a week the past few weeks, not really much of a change...

So yeah. Dinnertime is now upon us. Uh, I mean me. Heheh.

Smosh... smoshed potatoes... LOL.


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