Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend Update

Lots of boring midnight-hour ranting. Not really for public consumption.


Saturday, church in morning, was nice. Slept a couple hrs before work. Then I worked. Work SUCKED. I don't like working saturday nights. For a plethora of reasons. Oh, one reason (not the top reason mind you) is this one co-worker. He's a great guy, good to talk to, etc etc, but MAN it's like he doesn't do much work. But what's worse than that, he actually makes me slack off! I mean, while working, I bust my ass every single time! Except when working w/ him! I don't like that...

I'm trying to get next week off. Tom's usually okay with that, plus I wrote it down a week in advance, so hopefully no problems arise. ...CRAP, I forgot to go in today and ask in person. Whoops. But yeah, that leaves me w/ only one 4-hr shift next week. On the day of my exam. Haha...

Today was odd. I woke up at noon, went out w/ my uncle. Went to William Tell, a fancy-schmancy buffet place downtown which was crazy delicious and extremely reasonably priced! Haha. It was like $15 less than expected. But yeah, I definately recommend the sunday brunch buffet there.

After fooding, went to tinseltown to watch a movie. He was like, "let's watch Factory Girl! It looks nice, andy warhol, history..." blah blah. I was like, "...but I don't really feel like watching that kinda movie!" And I then suggested, like, several other movies we could watch instead.

We ended up watching Factory Girl.

As expected, I didn't really like the movie. First off, it's basically gossip into the lives of 60's celebrities. I COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT CELEBRITY GOSSIP. And it was quite vulgar. And I don't really enjoy the "life ruined by drugs" stories, for reasons undeclared. ...good acting though. Expecially Hayden Christiansen, surprisngly. Ending kinda pulled it all together, maybe a 2/4 stars.

Then went back to apartment, killed some time doing squat, and listened to a RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME canucks game. And then killed some more time. And now I'm procrastinating from doing some actual work. Although, I did end up installing Access, so that's good. I'm now only partially screwed now. Heh...


Well that was a gigantic waste of bandwidth. ...although, technically, not really. Heh.


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