Thursday, March 01, 2007

Post #700

I blog too much. But anyways...

I have a lot of things I have to do in the next two weeks. I believe I talked about it already.

It was snowing again. Heheh, that reminds me, I remember like the day before the first snowfall this week, I was like "yeah, I guess winter's over... oh well, no more snow..." and then BOOM, in the morning, I wake up to "Hey Alan, it snowed last night!" hahaha... and then I fell asleep again...

I haven't played the guitar in nearly a week. No time. I miss that. As a consequence, my nails are longer than they've been for a while. Heh.

Must have canucks fade from memory. Until playoffs, of course. Haha. OHHH, and the 17th. I'm soo gonna be watching that game. I mean, like, in Richmond. I'm not working, lol...

I'm supposed to be doing my cover letter right now, in which I was to finish by 11:30, and send it in before my co-op meeting about why I'm not applying to that many job postings. I figured I wouldn't be able to finish it anyways, so I blog. I'm kinda dreading that meeting which is 10 mins from now... I mean, what am I gonna say?
"So why aren't you applying for any jobs, Justin?"
"Same reason why I never applied for the CA jobs in September"
"So what reason would that be?"

Exactly. I is sad. Mini emo ramble.

I never really talked to anyone about anything about this. I mean, not really. Hence the whole "shoulder to lean on"-ish rant last time. But, it's not like I can really talk to people as it is. Last time I really opened up, i.e. "opened the floodgates", she ran away. Not that I blame her.

...and we're back to my 1st 2nd post. You think I'd grow in 2.5 years and 698 posts later. But nope.


On another note, I saw another guy who was shorter than me today. It's weird. That almost never happens. ...WAIT A SEC, maybe that's another reason why I liked BCIT so much, there were like a dozen guys wandering the main hall that were at-or-below my height. LOL...


And now I go to meeting. This sucks you guys.


Right, before I go to the meeting, just wanted to put this down before I forget. That "feel alone" junk above, it's not that I don't have people to talk to. It's my fault for closing up, etc.

But on another note, Church practice etc is like my only hangout time w/ friends. So when I feel excluded there, usually of my own doings but whatever, I feel UBER-excluded. That's why sometimes Friday nights just SUCK. I mean, I'm on rhythm section, which doesn't talk much, and I look over to singers section, and they're conversing a storm... makes me feel left out. BUT MY BAD FOR FEELING THIS WAY.

[Edit 2]

"..." = "Death in the Family"

I'm worried that I'm using that as my scapegoat. I AM A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PERSON.

...and now I food myself.


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