Friday, March 02, 2007

...okay then.

Just finished my exam.

I'm kinda saddened by the fact that I actually was able to complete all the questions. Sure, I'm still 70%-screwed, but now I'm not able to say that I'm 70% screwed on 70% of the exam, and thus failure was inevitable. Hehe...

As it seems, failure does NOT seem inevitable. That's nice.

My fingers are all dry and cracked again. Too much stress plus cold snap, I figure. This time my thumbs are the worst. That's quite annoying. And I'm sure fairly disturbing to alls of y'alls.

Oh, and I redeemed my winning drink, and it turns out that it's ANY FREAKING HOT DRINK AT ANY FREAKING SIZE!!! So I got myself another x-large french vanilla. It's like drinking liquid candy... in coffee form. Although the canadian maple I also bought kinda dulled its sweetness, heheh.

Heheh, and guess what also happened? I FREAKING WON AGAIN!!! Like, the exact same thing too. That's AWESOME. And also helps my "more winners in x-large" cups theory, lol. But yeah, good omen for the test. And test WAS fairly straightforward. Heheh.

I didn't put this post in chronological order. That kinda irks me. But not enough to edit it...

Now I'm off to church, many hrs of instrument playing, and perhaps (for the 1st time in 2 months), I'll be back on the drums! Haha, sweeeet.


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